Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In Case You Missed It

One of my homegirls sent this link to An Illustrated History of Sex Toys that I found very entertaining and useful.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Night Common Sense

After writing a bit on the 23rd of this month, I went back to check out the text I suggested would help make connections to Puerto Rico's history and sexuality (Imposing Decency: The Politics of Sexuality & Race In Puerto Rico 1870-1920 by Eileen J. Suarez Findlay). Here's a quote from the text:

"But economic issues were not the only area where [Luisa] Capetillo broke new ground. While advocating the control of male sexuality, she also spoke boldly of women's capacity for sexual pleasure and their right to experience it. Women, she insisted, 'have strong sexual appetites, which, like in a man, are a great virtue.' Denying women the satisfaction of their desires, she argued, could even harm their health."

pg. 162

Read more about Luisa Capetillo.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Musing On Sexuality

Two very different articles I've written on sexuality have been published!

First, on Anti-Racist Parent I've written an article for parents of college aged students entitled: Back To School & Getting Schooled: The Sexual Health of Your College Student . If you or someone you know is a parent of a college aged person please share this with them!

My latest article for Amplify Your Voice In The Culture where I have a column called Media Justice, is up and is about the film Jennifer's Body. It's not so much a film review because I have yet to watch it, but rather what an amazing director can do with a less than exceptional screenwriter! If you are in NYC and want to check out the film together let me know! Read it here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today in Puerto Rican History

Today is the anniversary of Puerto Rico's Grito de Lares. It is also the 4th anniversary of the murder of Filiberto Ojeda Rios by the FBI. Below are interviews in Spanish with English subtitles by director Vagabond who is also the director of Machetero.

Wondering what all this has to do with sexuality? I highly recommend you read the book Imposing Decency: The Politics of Sexuality & Race In Puerto Rico 1870-1920 by Eileen J. Suarez Findlay.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


What's Up
# BlakTino continues through November 7 with the following events:
# Thanks to our sponsors and supporters

BlakTino Performance Series begins Oct. 1!
Art! Theatre! Dance! and mucho more!

The Blaktino Performance Series at BAAD! kicks off with an exciting evening of cartoonists and graphic novel artists who have broken through the straight male dominated world of comics; and the weekend continues with the NYC Debut Performance of ERIKA LOPEZ's The Welfare Queen and the daring and dashing BRUNO APONTE.

Thursday, October 1, 8pm/Free

Opening Night!
Calling all cartoonists, zinesters, visual and graphic artistes and their fans and admirers

This evening features the work of four groundbreaking and accomplished LGBT comic book and graphic novel artists who will share their provocative work along with stories of their obstacles and barrier busting triumphs in the straight male world of comics with Ivan Velez (Tales from the Closet), Jennifer Camper (The Juicy Mother: Celebration), Erika Lopez (Flaming Iguanas) and Carlo Quispe (Killer Heights).
Let us know you're coming! Click here or call 718-842-5223.

Friday, October 2, 8pm/$15

Direct from San Francisco! NYC Premiere!

The time has finally come for the unabashed, chick crazy, cartoonist, writer, performer, one-woman art sweatshop ERIKA LOPEZ to bring her fun, daring, sexy and irreverent show for the first time to her native New York providing comfort and cheeky glances to the recession-struck Bronx.

"When you're on welfare and pushing your latest art project in an attempt to pay the rent, what it means to 'have it all' obviously require some redefinition." - Eryn Loeb, blogger.
Click to reserve your seat or call 718-842-5223
blk 09 brunegro BRUNEGRO
Saturday, October 3, 8pm/$15

Clash of a Culture Titan!

Actor, poet and performance artist Bruno Aponte presents a one man show (in Spanish) delving in Queer Dominican Blackness. Overflowing with flamboyance, Aponte's multi-disciplinary approach was described by Time-Out New York as "Bruno Aponte, scaled the stage to perform interpretive dance and read verse in a multicolored robe, sunglasses and hoop earrings."
Click here to reserve your tickets or call 718-842-5223
BlakTino continues through November 7 with the following events:

Thursday, October 8, 8pm/Free
An Intimate Living Theatre Experience
Award-winning performers and artists Jack Waters and Peter Cramer transform BAAD! into their living room and invite the audience into a unique installation/Living Theater presentation that has traveled throughout the world of their experience living with AIDS and commemorating art and artists' work on the subject. The evening will include their oral history documentary "Short Memory - No History" discussing the role of women and people of color (and Spanish speakers) in the early days of ACT UP. Video interviews in Spanish are also included.

Friday, October 9, 8pm/Free
The NY International Latino Film Festival presents
Two films fresh from the 2009 NY International Latino Film Festival debut in the Bronx. NAKED WHITE ROSES by Henry Roa uses music, poetry and stunning visuals to tell the story of Trance, an aging poet on the crossroads of life and love and explores the subjects of following your dreams, gay and bi- cultural relationships, and loss. Dish by Brian Harris Krinsky follows two Emo kids, Israel and Louie, as they walk around their East L.A. neighborhood and dish about their high school classmates and sexual escapades. Filmmakers will talk after the film.

Thursday & Friday, October 15 & 16, 8pm/ $20
Dances to Nina Simone
Ten choreographers present dance works inspired by or set to the music of the High Priestess of Soul, Nina Simone including Miguel Anaya, Esteban Arana, Christopher Campbell, Ingrid Graham, Ranardo- Domeico Grays, Amin Jai, Silver Light, Dorrell Martin, Paloma McGregor and Joey Tomocik.

Saturday, October 17, 8pm/$15
Afro-Caribbean Meets East African Dance
The vibrancy and tradition of folkloric dance takes center stage when the Bronx's own all-women Afro- Carribean drumming and dancing troupe, Retumba! share a program with the color and majesty of East African dance and drumming group Transworld Cultural Performance Arts Ensembles.

Wednesday, October 21, 8pm/Free
Unid@s in the Big Apple Teams up with BAAD!
A no holds barred celebration of Queer Latin@ poets and writers who experiment with style and breathe life into their words including Janis Astor Delvalle, Devon Gallegos, Rigoberto González, Karen Jaime, Mariposa, Ignacio Rivera, Roberto Santiago and Charlie Vázquez.

Thursday, October 22, 8pm - Free
Barrier-Breaking Boricuas
Scholar and cultural warrior Lawrence La Fountain- Stokes discusses his new book, Queer Ricans: Cultures and Sexualities in the Diaspora, and shares the work of his subjects including choreographer Arthur Aviles, visual artist Erika Lopez and writer Manuel Ramos Otero and many other groundbreaking queer Puerto Ricans. Followed by a book signing.

Saturday, October 24, 8pm - Free
Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre's newest project
BAAD!'s own Arthur Aviles assembles an "A" list team to re-examine the classic movie "The Wizard of Oz" to transform it into a musical stage production that delves into the issues that queer young people face in "ghettos" as experienced through life of the young Maevicita who is coming of age and coming out in the old South Bronx. Come share this intimate invitation into the mind of an artist and his collaborators Retumba!, Elizabeth "Macha" Marrero and singer Mildred Ruiz. The evening will include theatre, dance, song and drumming. Followed by a Q&A with the participants.

Saturday, November 7, 8pm - $5-$25 suggested donations
Kwikstep and Rokafella host
Kwikstep and Rokafella, the dynamic duo of Hip Hop dance, present a special evening of music, jamming, art and a sneak peek screening of ALL THE LADIES SAY, Rokafella's a fresh new documentary that highlights the lives of six iconic female street dancers from San Jose, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago who've carved a niche in the physically challenging, male dominated breakdance world. Discussions about motherhood, sexual tension, femininity versus masculinity and the rap industry/mainstream images are a few of the themes explored by the documentary's main characters. The event includes performances by guest artists and photos by Vanessa Bahmani and Emily Lady Caprice. This event is a fundraiser to support the completion of the film and will be followed by an after party with an open jam.
Click here to rsvp or call 718-842-5223
Thanks to our sponsors and supporters

BAAD!/AATT receive support from The NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, The Bronx Council on the Arts, The New York State Council on the Arts, The Mertz Gilmore Foundation, The Carnegie Corporation, The Tides Foundation/Starry Night Fund, Hispanics in Philanthropy, Councilmember Maria del Carmen Arroyo, The Stonewall Foundation, The North Star Fund, Dance Theater Workshop's Outer/Space Grant, and private donations. BAAD! is a proud recipient of a 2006 Union Square Arts Award.
Make a donation through BAAD!'s Website
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About Us
Crowned "a funky and welcoming performance space" by The New York Times, BAAD! is an art, performance and cultural workshop space that presents cutting-edge and challenging works by established, evolving and emerging choreographers, playwrights, poets, musicians and visual and performing artists. BAAD! presents four annual festivals, BAAD! ASS WOMEN, THE BOOGIE DOWN DANCE SERIES, OUT LIKE THAT! and the BlakTino Performance Series. BAAD! celebrates the arts created by and featuring women, people of all colors and/or the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community.

email: crg_bx@yahoo.com
phone: 718-842-5223
web: http://www.BronxAcademyOfArtsAndDance.org

At The Cine

If you are choosing to celebrate the 30 Days of Latino Heritage (submit something here) there are some great films that are now on DVD and that I highly recommend you add to your viewing list!

Read my review here.

Rudo y Cursi
Read my review here.

And if you want to read my latest album review Tales Of The Earth, by Mark Weinstein & Omar Sosa check it out here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ya No Te Espero

In honor of yesterday's concert in Cuba that was called Paz Sin Fronteras I share with you my favorite Silvio Rodriguez song (I saw him perform live in Cuba in 2003 when I went to the World Association of Sexology Conference (now the World Association of Sexual Health) where I presented IN Spanish). Lyrics in Spanish and a bad translation in English below.

Ya no te espero
Llegarás, pero más fuerte
Más violenta la corriente
Dibujándose en el suelo
De mi pecho, de mis dedos
Llegarás con mucha muerte

Ya no te espero
Ya eché abajo ayer mis puertas
Las ventanas bien despiertas
Al viento y al aguacero
A la selva, al sol, al fuego
Llegarás a casa abierta

Ya no te espero
Ya es el tiempo que fascina
Ya es bendición que camina
A manos del desespero
Ya es bestia de los potreros
Saltando a quien la domina

Ya no te espero
Ya estoy regresando solo
De los tiempos venideros
Ya he besado cada plomo
Con que mato y con que muero
Ya se cuándo, quién y cómo

Ya no te espero
Ya he liberado a tu patria
Hija de una espera larga
Ya hay un primero de enero
Que funda a sus compañeros
Con la sed de mi garganta

Ya no te espero
Porque de esperarte hay odio
En un noche de novios
En los hábitos del cielo
En madre de un hijo ciego
Ya soy ángel del demonio

Ya no te espero

I no longer wait for you
You will arrive, strong
more violent current
Drawing itself in the
ground Of my chest,
my fingers
You will arrive with much death

I no longer wait for you
I already threw down my doors
the windows wide open, awaken
To the wind and the heavy shower
At the forest, at the sun, the fire
You will arrive at open house

I no longer wait for you
Now is the time to fascinate
Or the blessed walk
At the hands of despair
It is already beast of the pastures
Jumping to dominates that

I no longer wait for you
I am already returning alone
Of the coming times
I have already kissed each lead
Whereupon I kill and whereupon I die
I know when, who and how

I no longer wait for you
I have already released to your mother country
Daughter of a long delay
She already has first of winter
That she founds to his companions
With the thirst of my throat

I no longer wait for you
Because to wait there is hatred
In a night of lovers
In the habits of the sky
In mother of a blind son
I am already angel of the demon

I no longer wait for you

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Night Common Sense

I am back in the dating game, and this is one of my favorite ways to describe myself:

sexy and intelligent like public television

Erika Lopez
Flaming Iguanas
pg. 123

Friday, September 18, 2009

Latino Sexuality Round UP

The week is coming to an end but there are TONS of things going on! If you are in NYC please try to make it out to one of these events. If you are somewhere else please check out the links, see if you can make a donation, or enjoy the articles from this week!

My homegirl Maegan La Mamita Mala Ortiz is reading her poetry this evening at Bluestockings. Readings begin at 7pm and are FREE!

Three things occurring this weekend and I hope you can pick one and go!

1. Walk to Beat The Clock for Cervical Cancer
I'm going to be there will you? Event begins at 8:30am

2. NY Coalition for Abortion Clinic Defense Training
I'm going to try real hard to make this after the walk! If you are able to provide clinic defense for women who need care but are blocked by anti-choice protesters, please help! This is a center in the South Bronx, you know what that means: families of Color, working class people, OUR community needs us!

3. The Doula Project in NYC Fundraiser
As many of you know I am an abortion doula and this is the organization I work with. This is very near and dear to my heart. If you can support the fundraising events pelase go, or make a donation!

Are you a fan of True Blood? If so check out all of the writings on True Blood this week on the site I write for: In The Culture. Here's my piece on Latina Vampire Isabella, the most powerful woman of Color on the show who instantly is written off the storyline when she gains power! hmmmm.

My homegirl GoddessJaz tweeted this story "Body Worlds plans corpses sex exhibition" asking if we think it's creepy, art, science? I wondered when I read the article, is this consensual sex? What say you? Let's also not forget that there is remains concern regarding how the bodies were obtained.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Justice Sotomayor Cuts A Rug

...With one of my cat daddy's nonetheless! So jealous, ever since I saw Esai yell "Riiiichhhhhhiiiiieeeeeeee" it was love (see below for a refresher)!

Justice Sonia Sotomayor dancing the mambo with Esai Morales from Washington Life Magazine on Vimeo.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NYC Folks Are Needed NOW!

The New York Coalition for Abortion Clinic Defense needs your help for a South Bronx clinic that is being targeted by anti-choice protesters. If you can attend please do! Women, their families and support need to gain access to the care they need!

They especially need people who Speak Spanish:

One of the Spanish speaking protesters was out today, and we didn't have any Spanish speakers on our side, which meant we really couldn't counter whatever lies she was telling. If you're reading this and you speak Spanish--we need you.

I'm going to try and attend this if I can, please consider joining us!

We've been defending Dr. Emily's Clinic in the South Bronx from anti-choice protesters for the past couple of months and we need your help! The 40 Days for Life Campaign is about to kickoff. Hundreds of anti-choice protesters will be outside of clinics all across the country - preventing women from entering the clinic and providing misleading and false information about reproductive health.

Join us on the 19th for a discussion and presentation on why we need to rebuild an abortion rights movement led by Jennifer Roesch. Followed by an interactive training on clinic defense in preparation for the 40 Days Campaign.

Save the Time and Date!!

Date: Saturday, September 19, 2009
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: La Pregunta Arts Cafe
Street: Amsterdam between 135th & 136th
City/Town: New York, NY

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fat Virgin Mary

I've never seen an image with a fat Virgin Mary before. I've seen the liberation of Mary when I first went to Oregon in 2002. I had seen her in an indie bookstore and 2 weeks after returning home I called the bookstore and asked if it was still available. It was and I purchased it! I LOVE it. Here it is below:

I fell in LOVE with Alma Lopez's "Our Lady" 1999 digital media image seen below (which was also the cover art for Chris Abani's book Virgin of the Flames:

While on my trip this weekend I found a FAT VIRGIN MARY! I had never seen one before! So I purchased her. The only thing I know about this image is that it was made in Peru.


Latino Sexuality: Links

There's so much that has gone down this week that I was super busy!

I've thought a lot, and am still thinking about Caster Semenya. Today I read and tweeted that she is on suicide watch. I am sending all the positive energy I can to her and her family. Young people need to know they are important and they matter. I hope the people surrounding Caster help her feel this way.

I've also been introduced to the blog Bully Bloggers which features: Lisa Duggan, J. Jack Halberstam, Jose Esteban Munoz and Tavia Nyong'o. Here's what they say their collective blog is about:
The Bully Bloggers are a queer word art group. We write about everything queer, so, pretty much everything. Politics, culture, etiquette, vampires, cartoons, the news, philosophy, utopia and revolution. This blog is our Bully Pulpit; we preach to the converted, the unconverted and the indifferent. We are very serious, but in a silly sort of way. We will be posting on topics that change weekly (approximately).

This one is going on the blog roll!

I also came across this video about people with disabilities and sex (as in the act). The film is called (Sex)abled: Disability Uncensored and you can view it in full here.

Another friend sent a link on twitter to the following article that I think is a great read: Erasing the Dichotomy: Positive Portraits of Latina Muslims.

Finally, I presented at the Advocates for Youth Urban Retreat where 120 youth from all over the US, Jamaica, Nigeria and Ethiopia who are a part of sexual health education and activism were being trained. During my session (which had well over the 15-20 people we thought it would!) I discussed blogging as a woman of Color, using the internet as a form of activism and what that means for me. I shared how I was extremely happy that when I was preparing for our session last week that I found that when doing a google search for "latino sexuality" and then clicking images this is what can be found:

90% of those images are from THIS blog! These images are VERY different from the porn I found 9 months ago! This is amazing social change that happened very quickly and makes me excited!

Three of the participants shared that they are media makers in various ways and announced a new YouTube channel: Late Nights With Dr. Stud. Check out their first video below:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Night Common Sense

This weekend I was exposed to cable TV and therefore was able to appreciate all the old school videos that I grew up watching. I saw this one and appreciated the message:

Some say I'm old fashioned
I like to take my time and
Do it slow
You know with the flow,
But don't try and rush it so,
Fight it like a force and let nature take its course
Get to know each other
Be my friend not just my lover
Share your thoughts with me
Love my mind not just my body baby.....

Don't get me wrong
I didn't mean to turn you on
We haven't known each other long
But this is MY life
Not just a song!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Walk To Beat The Clock

I'm a founding member of Tamika & Friends, Inc, an organization dedicated to educating people about HPV and ending cervical cancer (caused by HPV).

The 2nd Annual Walk for Cervical Cancer in NYC is next Saturday September 19, 2009 at 8:30am. If you are in the area or are interested in attending please join us!

I will be there and so will my homegirl Andrea (AJ) Plaid as we both attended last year.

Register here.

If you want to attend but cannot afford the registration fee or want to make a smaller donation please contact me bianca@nyc.com or leave a comment here with your contact information.

Read my article on the T&F site about Scars: The Wounds of Warriors And Suvivors.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8, Dia de La Caridad Del Cobre

Today, September 8, is the day of La Caridad Del Cobre, also known as Our Lady of Charity and Oshun. She is the Orisha of love and sensuality.

I love it when people share with use fotos of their alters.

Here's my alter:

Here I am in 2001 when I went to Cuba with my offering to La Caridad Del Cobre

To find out more about her, how to make offerings and ask for guidance I highly reccomend Kenaz Filan's book Vodou Love Magic: A Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships which I have shared some quotes from.

UPDATE 11/23/2019
Unfortunately this author has believed the lies of white supremacy and has promoted dehumanization of various community members. This post and others will include this update for accountability and archival purposes.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Night Common Sense

I had the privilege to work with Dr. Elsa Barkley Brown when I was in my graduate program. Here is from her article "What Has Happened Here? The Politics of Difference in Women's History and Feminist Politics." She ends her article with this:

Learning to think nonlinearly, asymmetrically, is I believe essential to our intellectual and political developments. A linear history will lead us to a a linear politics and neither will serve us well in an asymmetrical world.

Do It For Your Country!

September 2009

The Great American Condom Camapaign. Do It For Your Country!

It's September and you know what that means...Applications to become a Great American Condom Campaign Fall Semester 2009 SafeSite are now open!

In case you forgot, the Great American Condom Campaign is a youth-led grassroots movement to reduce unintended pregnancies and the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections by normalizing condom use on college and university campuses. Students from across the country apply to become SafeSites, or individual condom distribution points. Students at college and university campuses with limited or no condom access are prioritized during the application process. Once selected, SafeSites receive a box of 500 Trojan condoms to distribute to their peers. SafeSites are also tasked with educating their peers about safer sex and advocating on campus and within their community for the sexual and reproductive health rights of young adults.

Apply now! Our goal is to have SafeSites selected by the mid-October and condoms shipped out not long after.

To learn more about the Great American Condom Campaign, check out our website. We've also added a new Frequently Asked Questions section to clarify some of the questions previous SafeSites raised last year.

Applications will be open through September 27th.


Sarah Audelo


PS: If you were a SafeSite in the past, be sure to tell us in your application! We understand how hard you worked in the past to make sure students knew who they could go to for condoms.

PPS: Be sure to tell your friends at other schools about the GACC...Become a fan on Facebook and help spread the word!


Who is going to meet me here? I use many of these films in my teaching, so you KNOW they are amazing!

A Film Series Celebrating Emerging Latin@ Voices in Cinema

Host: Chica Luna Productions, Sister Outsider Entertainment & East Harlem Cafe
Type: Other - Festival
Network: Global
Price: $5.00
Start Time: Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 6:00pm
End Time: Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 8:55pm
Location: East Harlem Café
Street: 1651 Lexington Avenue @ the corner of East 104th St.
City/Town: New York, NY
Phone: 2129962080
Email: info@eastharlemcafe.com


Not only will you see some wonderful films – including two feature-length documentaries with special meaning to East Harlem – you’ll have a chance to meet the amazing talents behind them. And for those who fancy yourselves connoisseurs of Latino films, we have something special planned just for you, too. Come on time and show off your knowledge of Latin@ film trivia and collect raffle tickets for your chance to win prizes at the end of the month.

There's a different program every Thursday; start time varies. Please consult the following schedule.

September 17th @ 6 PM
We open the series with "¡Palante, Siempre Palante¡," the groundbreaking feature-length film by Iris Morales that documents the history of the Young Lords Party from 1969 through the organization's demise in 1976. Q&A with Iris Morales to follow.

October 1st @ 7 PM
we celebrate Dominican talent with five shorts:
"Tomate" by Alexandra Gutierrez
"I’m Not Here" by Karly Beaumont
"The Body Knows" by Glenny Cruz
"Pinchos y Rolos" by Freddy Vargas
"Recuerdos" by Yahaira Paulino
Q&A with several filmmakers to follow.

October 8th @ 7 PM
It’s all about girl power when we showcase five shorts about women and girls making bold choices:
"Bikes, Capes and Charlie" by Natalia Lopez
"Interviews with Rene" by Stephanie Alleyne
"Pura Lengua" by Aurora Guerrero
" A Mirror of Me" by Gloria Zapata
"Viernes Girl" also by Aurora Guerrero
Q&A with several filmmakers to follow.

October 15th @ 7 PM
We close the series with another feature-length documentary. "Bragging Rights: Stickball Stories" by Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez chronicles how street baseball healed racial tensions and created lifelong friendships throughout its history. Another must-see for people who love East Harlem. Q&A with Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez to follow. On this night, we’ll also be holding the raffle and giving out prizes to the winners of our ongoing Latino cinema trivia game.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Marketing Matters

Living in NYC is great. You see all sorts of things. Here is a perfect example of odd marketing, butt also how marketing matters! I'm trying to refrain from saying this ad sucks ass because many people experience this condition and need relief!

Take a close look at why this is an assy ad:

If you are not in NYC and need information on how to manage and cope with hemorrhoids here is some useful information"

Web MD

Mayo Clinic

National Institutes of Health

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Support Your Doulas

Some of you know, some of you don't, but I'm an Abortion Doula. What that means is that when women have scheduled their abortion procedure* I am with them in the procedure room. I help them breath, relax, and move through the procedure quickly and safely. We not only help the patient and her family, we also help the physicians.

This is not a new profession, as abortions and births have been going on since the beginning of time! However, the Doula Project of NY is a new program and we are currently in only one public hospital in the state. We are in the process of achieving our non-profit 501(c)3 status and are having fundraisers to make sure we can afford all that we need to make this happen!

Currently the abortion doulas are all volunteer. That's right! I may work 4 jobs, but I am committed to this project and to serving women who are in need of support and comfort. I am not alone, all of the abortion doulas are committed as well. We are made up of birth doulas, adoption doulas, and abortion doulas. All of us provide valuable services that center the family.

Please support if you can and make a donation via our website, or come out to one of our events!

*not only because it is their CHOICE not to be a parent, but for many women, they have had miscarriages and they need to make sure the entire contents of the pregnancy are no longer inside them, others planned to have parent their child but the baby has multiple complications such as anencephaly or is stillborn.