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REVIEW: CBD Living Suppositories for Pain

I turn 41 this year. I've been excited about being an aging fat femme. One of the things I've been incredibly excited about is convincing myself of all the money I will save when I no longer bleed from my core. For now, Aunt Flo is a regular visitor tap dancing on my uterus.

And as my homegirl KF reminded me years ago, nobody likes tap dancing. I mean, I haven't liked tap since Gregory Hines died! Anyways, the tap dancing on my uterus is painful! This pain has shifted and intensified as I've aged. This is one of the things I dread now as a part of aging: the pain in the body that comes with the liberation.

I moved to Oakland, CA last year to be with my partner who was raised in the Bay Area. Upon this move I was able to find different therapeutic and less invasive options for pain management. Most of them did not work. As someone who is six feet tall and identifies as fat, when companies test their products, rarely is it on bodies like mine. It's a lot of trial and error with items that often don't always work.

For the past three years I've tried three different kinds of CBD suppositories. The first two were not impressive. I was using the first suppository while I was grieving the death of my mom and all it helped me do was feel warm. No help with sleeping, no help with pain, no help with being back in my body. A year later I tried another for menstrual cramps. Those didn't work well either.

Then CBD Living reached out to me and invited me to try their product. This is a review of the CBD Living Suppository. The suppository has nano-CBD. I didn't know what that was so here's what they shared on their site:

CBD Living’s proprietary nanotechnology method, which uses ultrasound waves to break down CBD molecules into nanoparticles 1/1000 the size of a red blood cell. At this tiny size, CBD is able to easily penetrate the blood membrane, allowing for increased absorption and faster effects. The body also absorbs much more of the CBD this way, meaning consumers often require lower doses of CBD Living products than of those manufactured without using nanotechnology.

As a new California resident I was frustrated with the limited options available for topical needs, especially for menstrual pain. It was only in Portland, OR where I had found the first suppository three years ago to try. The second suppository I found in California, and purchased it to try as this was the first and only suppository I had found distributed in my area. CBD Living is a California based company and there are dispensaries in my area that sell some of their products.

I received my sample via UPS in an unmarked box. Inside was the small box of 10 CBD suppositories. Each suppository has 50mg of CBD for a box of suppositories being 500mg. Often I've seen only certain items, such as patches, up to 100 CBD for sale because of state laws. However, as more research, laws, policies, and care being done we are seeing more of an expansive option for the amount of CBD available for purchase. For example, today I can easily find capsules that are more than 100mg for sale for a variety of needs: sleep, anxiety, etc.

I waited until I was menstruating to take try the suppositories. But the flu arrived before Aunt Flo. I was in so much pain physically: headaches, chest pains, sinus pressure, back pain from coughing, body aches from fever. There was such limited relief during that week. Three days in my partner said "Let's try those suppositories you received to review." And I'm so glad we did!

My partner put on a latex glove and inserted the suppository rectally.

I'm going to pause here to talk about how the suppository looks and feels and some challenges with insertion. My partner helped me because I was in such pain. If I did this on my own it may also be a challenge. I am very proportional with long arms to match my long legs, so reaching around to insert a tampon would not be a challenge, however what would be is inserting the suppository high enough that it absorbs into my mucus membranes BEFORE seeping out as it melts because of my body heat and ooze out of my vagina. Push that suppository as far up as possible rectally or vaginally! You need to use your hands and fingers as there is no applicator included (some applicators come with yeast infection over the counter medication and if you don't use them then you could try to use them here. I have not tried, and the CBD suppositories I have used are all slender).

The suppositories are very fragile once they are exposed to body heat. This means that the first time I opened a suppository three years ago it had a coconut oil base and it began to melt in between my fingers. This made the whole process odd and slippery by myself. The same happens to my partner when inserting into me, even wearing latex gloves! So be prepared for a bit of a melting experience, but not one that slides down your hand. It will only be on your fingers if you are quick and ready for insertion. CBD Living suggests running the suppository under cold water for it to harden for easier insertion.

Insertion requires you are comfortable touching yourself, mainly your vaginal canal and/or anus. If that's not you, or if you physically can't for whatever reason as I couldn't at first because of illness, you must be comfortable with others touching those body parts. If you are not, this may not be the best product option for you. This is the main way to insert the product.

In less than 30 minutes I was able to breath without pain in my chest and my back pain was able to subside in between coughing. I slept well for several hours and felt rested. I immediately knew the CBD Living Suppository was the TRUTH!

When I recovered from the flu, of course I bled right after from my core. When the day came that my cramps became more painful I inserted a suppository and in 20 minutes there was relief. I was so happy that my pack of 10 suppositories from CBD Living would last enough for three cycles.

Then my partner started to use them too. We quickly went through the suppositories within a month
between the two of us. We used the suppositories mainly for pain in our core and back. This has been the most useful and impressive form of care I've experienced from a variety of CBD products! I'm so thankful for this product to be offered to me to sample! It's one that works for bodies large like mine, and the comfort and relief it offers is one that does not distort my perception of the pain or of my surroundings.

Find our more about the CBD Living Suppository and other products at their website. It is $60 for a pack of 10.

This review was due to a free sample given to me by CBD Living and includes only my perspectives and opinions.

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