Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: One Lubricant

Just in time for whatever plans you do/not have for Valentine's Day and National Condom Day our reviews come back! As usual we will focus on affordable gifts that will be accessible for many folks and budgets.

We've been trying ONE Move deluxe lubricant exclusively since July. Yes that's almost 6 months, so you know this review will be from more than just a few experiences. ONE Move lubricant is a clear and odorless silicone based lubricant that is packaged in a medium bottle (100ml) with a push button top. The packaging alone is very modern, it reminded me of something futuristic with the clear, silver and black details.

One of the things I really appreciated about the lube was that it also came in smaller 3ml sachets that are round, portable, and just a sleek packaging as the bottle. As with many lubricants that promote they are non-sticky and smooth, ONE Move lubricant actually delivers, each time.

We just needed a small amount and it went a long way for a long time. The long lasting feature is one that you may also enjoy as it is waterproof for various scenarios and environments. I appreciate this feature as it means you actually get a product that works, is comfortable, and that will be worth the investment. Some lubricants you use so much in such a short period of time that you end up spending more money than needed for the desired impact.

As for clean-up it was just what you want in a lube: no mess and no hassle. Because it is odorless and you only need a certain amount, having a space full of lube spills isn't going to happen unless you want it to with ONE Move. Even with the lube all over your hands and reaching for more, the bottle isn't going to get grossly sticky and warm water and soap was all that was needed to clean up the bottle. Any additional lube that wasn't used came out easily from fabrics.

Great packaging, affordable prices, no smell, no taste, waterproof, and in portable sizes as well is what you'll get with ONE Move deluxe lubricant. Those are all some really amazing features. You may find ONE Move deluxe lubricant at your local Walgreens and CVS.

Find out more about ONE Move deluxe lubricant and products at the official ONE website. While you are there check out the opportunities for working with ONE products. They are looking for folks for their street teams promoting products,  if you are an artist of any sort, visit the ONE design contest and maybe you could win and see your design on their packaging! You may also encourage your corporation or organization to use ONE products with your own private labels.