Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review: Healthy Hoohoo

I grew up in a time when douching was losing some appeal. My parents were hippies, but my mom's socialization as a woman with a vulva stayed with her. The ideas that our bodies are not attractive if they look or smell a particular way lead her to douching, but not for long.

Never was I raised with the impression that I need to douche. I was always told that warm water and fragrance-free soap would get any odor or discomfort I felt about my vulva taken care of quickly and comfortably.

Today is a new day. I've grown more into my own body and am understanding sometimes why folks choose douching as an option. I've not been attractive enough to that choice, especially after the cancerous cells on my cervix in 2012 and 2013 treatment, but I understand how our bodies change and how some options are more appeal and accessible than others.

Enter Healthy Hoohoo. I was not fully sure about this product, for myself or others. So this review is just about my experience. I want to make that clear because each body and vulva is different. Folks may have similar or very different experiences. Those could be better or less than exceptional from my own experience. Just keep this in mind when considering trying this product.

I found Healthy Hoohoo very useful for beach weather and my long days with a fun evening end. After Hurricane Sandy, many of NYC beaches are coming back to life, however not all have the same facilities we may be used to such as bathrooms that are well lit, access to clean water to shower, and ways to get sand off your body and out of your body when you are leaving.

I love the beach, it is my spiritual safe place. What better way to drown (literally and figuratively) the woos and concerns that bring me down than to head to a place that reminds me with every grain of sand and the epic vastness of the ocean that I am just a small speck of life on a brilliant universe. It really is calming. But the sand in all the sweet spots is not calming!

My Healthy Hoohoo wipes came in handy in those situations. I don't want to sit in a wet swimsuit as I ride the train back home, which could be over an hour depending on where we go! I always pack a change of bottoms with me and a pantyliner. The Healthy Hoohoo wipes helped with cleanup and any fears I may have had about having sand and seaweed in or around my vulva. I used the Feminine wipes and took those with me to the beach.

The feminine wipes come in a small blue packaging that has an adhesive opening and closure to keep the wipes clean and moist. They also have a foam and body wash available as well. The foam comes in a pump and expels as a foam (think how some hand soap dispensers work). Healthy Hoohoo is scent free, pH balanced, free of any parabens, alcohol free, and tested on folks with vulvas and not animals.

The wipes also come in handy when I want to freshen up for a date I may have even if I'm out most of the day. I'm the type that produces a lot of vaginal fluid and lubrication. This is common for my body. Other vulvas do not produce as much fluid as I do and others may produce more. Those of us who produce similar or more know the challenge of keeping panties from getting stained, so wearing pantyliners daily is a thing for me. No going commando for me!

I share that to let folks know that if you are uncomfortable about the fluid you produce and the amount, you are not alone and it is not uncommon! Throughout the day I can produce various amounts of fluid. If I see an attractive person on and talk with them, I could produce fluid, if I think about what I may be doing later that night, more fluid; I get an email from my partners, more fluid; I giggle or laugh or sneeze and I may dispel a little bit of urine (do some Kegel exercises to limit this) all of these are common experiences for me and Healthy Hoohoo helps with these experiences.

If you are looking to purchase and try Healthy Hoohoo consider their product finder by zip code. As this is a new product it may not be available in all locations you usually purchase feminine products. Consider also ordering online. The feminine wipes I used have 10 wipes in them for under $5. Foam and feminine wash are a bit under $15. If you try this product share what your experiences and thoughts were in the comments!