Sunday, May 31, 2009

RIP Dr. George Tiller

This news devastates me. I used to work at the National Abortion Federation, a pro-choice organization which means you are given ALL the information you need regarding ALL your choices if you find yourself pregnant and do not know what to do. I was one of two bilingual counselors. We helped women find funding, transportation to providers, resources and referrals for adoption, prenatal care, medicaid access, and abortion providers.

There were only a handful of doctors (two come to mind) that performed late term abortions (incorrectly termed "partial birth abortions" by some media and right wing conservative anti-choice folks). What people do not know is that for many women who choose late term abortions, almost all of them:

1. wanted to carry the pregnancy to term and parent
2. had planned their pregnancy
3. had prepared their home and life for the new member of their family
4. are heartbroked to make such a choice
5. child are in pain because of an illness, malformation that may also kill the woman
6. wanted to be called a mother
7. have health insurance, a job, a life that in the US we call the "American Dream"

You see the services provided to women and their families in such situations is extensive. Many times providers are in connection with airlines, hotels, mortuary staff to help family members cope with the procedure and loss. Often there are leaders from various different religious communities available to provide spiritual guidance and help with burial rituals and needs.

This challenges your ideas of young women getting pregnant, being scared, waiting until it is very late to terminate a pregnancy doesn't it? Well that's the truth of the matter, the women who needed and received services from Dr. Tiller did not want to go to him, they expected their life would be one of a happy parent. Women from all over the world have come to seek out Dr. Tiller's assistance, now we are all at a loss.

The murder of Dr. George Tiller is a loss for us all. Thank you Dr. Tiller for all of your activism, dedication, and devotion to women's sexual health. You are a feminist that makes me proud.

If you are interested in ways to show support for Dr. Tiller's family click here.

This video from my homeboy Brad is perfect for libations this sad day: Holly Near and Emma's Revolution sing "I'm Not Afraid"

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