Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fundraising: Get Bi To The AMC!

I've never fundraised for myself before. This is the first time I'm using this space to fundraise for something that I believe I need and will help me continue to create and sustain this space.

If you have never heard of the Allied Media Conference (AMC), you are missing out and let this be your introduction! One of the most inclusive, progressive, and radical conferences in the US, the AMC is one conference I've heard about for years. I've never attended. Each year when I hear from friends and chosen family how amazing and transformative the AMC is each year I tell myself "next year I'll go." I want to make 2011 that year that I finally attend.

The AMC is held in Detroit, Michigan every year in June, this year June 23-26, 2011. The AMC mission is to " cultivate strategies for a more just and creative world. We come together to share tools and tactics for transforming our communities through media-based organizing." Their vision is participatory media to transform our selves and our world." See how rad that is! See why I need to be in this space finally!

I'm fundraising for $835 which will cover, registration, transportation (air fare, round trip to and from NYC and Michigan airports), lodging, and food expenses. Below is the itemized budget.* Fundraising will end June 10, 2011.

Plane Ticket $325
Transportation to NYC airport: $20 ($10 metrocard roundtrip to BX, $10 roundtrip shuttle card to JFK)
Transportation to AMC from airport: $110 ($55 1 way not including gratuity)
Registration: $70 (i'd like to pay $100 as requested if possible)
Grub: $100 (lunch (~$10 & dinner ~$15 for 4 days)
Lodging: $180 ($45 per night in 4 person suite style dorm room)

Total: $805-835 (cover $100 conference fee)

I'll be honest. I've applied to at least 3 reproductive and social justice conferences nationwide this year alone. As part of the application process I've also sought out travel and registration scholarships and volunteer opportunities. However, without travel support I am unable to attend any conference and thus volunteering is not possible without such support. I was not selected to receive funds for the CLPP conference this year and I have not heard from two other spaces regarding scholarships for their conferences.

It's exhausting writing about how poor and broke you are, and how much you work your tail off to stay broke and poor, and how being in conference spaces is a form of community you desire to build and maintain, healing, and affirmation. Then you get rejected and told you are not able to reach that space and experience those much needed encounters. I want to make this happen for myself and for the community I'm a part of and for the transformative process I seek.

If you can please consider donating. If you are not able to donate please consider shamelessly plugging this request. If you'd like to talk about bartering please reach out to me I'm totally down for such an exchange! Many thanks to all of you reading and all of you sharing this request. I'll update every other day regarding donations and goals!

*I'd like to change the donate button to one that shows how much has been donated, if anybody knows how I can do that on paypal please let me know!

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