Saturday, April 13, 2013

Update on Afr@Latin@ Sex Survey

This post should really be called “Bianca’s Thug Tears” because that’s what I experience when I “check in” to see how many folks have taken the survey thus far.

When we started I had thought “if we could get 30 folks by the end of May that would be fantastic!” By Tuesday evening almost 25 folks had participated. Then I thought “Ok, maybe 50 is a good number to hope for by the end of May.”

Today, 5 days into sharing the survey, almost 50 Afr@Latin@s have taken the survey! This is incredible! I think of all of the valuable time each of you shared in taking the survey, sharing it, and linking back to the survey so others can see and partake and am so overwhelmed by thanks and gratitude.  This is also a reminder that we are in need and desiring these conversations that include all of us; all parts of who we are; and that these are not occurring at this time. This reminder also brings me to tears: How have we been excluded for so long when we were here all along?!

We have only posted this on three spaces: tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. I have yet to even send this out as an email to folks in my address book or to the listserves that I know about and where folks may be interested. As I think of how this number may grow, my adoration for Afr@Latin@s grows as well; the awareness of what needs to be done expands. I realize the urgency of this work.

I also recognize some of the “flaws” with this work: the survey is only online and there are more of us who may not be; the survey is currently only in English and we speak so many other languages; the survey asks only a few short questions; some of the definitions may not be clear, or may be too rigid. I take sole and complete responsibility for all of these (and the others that may arise). My hope is that folks recognize that the urgency, for me, was to acquire this information to begin to build and create what we need collectively. The urgency is in our ability to share, speak, and create and we have a challenge with the rates at which we are being hurt, harmed, murdered, deported, incarcerated, isolated, and erased. I am determined to begin this now and take all responsibility for any flaws as they come.

As part of the “next steps” we (Tasasha the “intern” who is working with me) are still keeping our July 2013 date to share publicly (while maintaining the identit(ies) of folks who participated as confidential) the findings in the most accessible way. I’d love if someone who believes their translation skills from English to another language Afr@Latin@s speak is strong to help with translation, reach out to possibly help us translate the survey and findings!

Please know this is an unpaid project. Tasasha and I are NOT getting paid for any of the effort or work. This work is not funded by any source. It is as independent and grassroots as it gets! What is being offered in exchange for help and support: strong recommendation letters and references, skills around this work, mentorship, and citation credit.

I’ll soon be sharing my vision of a communal citation so those who have participated can receive a publishing credit when the findings are shared. Please be on the look out for that post. If you took the survey and shared an email address you will receive this in your inbox when it is available. Others may look online to where this information will be shared and archived.

So many thanks to each of you and to Tasasha for all of your help and work and time and sharing of your needs. I see you and I witness our collective evolution and struggle, and I thank you for seeing me and witnessing my evolution too.


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