Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Explore More Online Summit January 28, 2016

I'm excited to join Dawn Serra's Explore More Online Summit

I'm one of 30 experts speaking at the Explore More Summit. There are seven other WOCSHN members who are speaking as well!

It's a free online summit that is all about exploring your more: in the bedroom, in your relationships, and in your life. 

There are talks on navigating jealousy, opening your relationship, building intimacy, exploring kink, overcoming diet culture, radical self-care, cyber infidelity, trauma, how to talk dirty, somatic healing, tantra, processing feelings, loving your body exactly as it is now, and so much more.

It all starts January 28th and runs for 10 days, but if you register early you get a free workbook full of prompts, questions, and quotes from all 30 talks. 

Oh! And there's a private Facebook group where you can have all kinds of great conversations and ask questions if you're ready to explore your more.

You can check it out and sign-up here! And, tell your friends. 

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