Friday, November 6, 2009

A Disconnect?

I've been updating and reviewing a film so I've been a bit quiet. I've come across a story about "dirty lyrics" among songs produced and distributed in Jamaica that reminds me of some work I've done in the past.

The Broadcasting Commission in Jamaica has reported that complaints about "dirty lyrics" from listeners has decreased. However, parents, school officials, and teachers have connected "lewd" and sexually explicit songs being distraction to youth and students.

This reminds me of the work I did with young people living in the Lower East Side of NYC regarding gang involvement and affiliation. As a part of a team, my co-worker/researcher spoke with law enforcement who claimed that there was no problem regarding gang activity in the community. When we spoke to youth and parents, they claimed that gang involvement, recruitment, and activity was a HUGE problem affecting them.

What does this disconnect, this miscommunication, this lack of listening to the community and not trusting the NYPD do? It's complicated is what we realized. But there is something to be said when NYPD believes there is no problem, yet adults of the community fear for the young people.

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