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Review: The Kama Sutra Weekender Kit

The first time I owned a Kama Sutra item was a large bottle of Sweet Almond Massage Oil that I won at a training for sexual health professionals. This was about 2 years ago. I remember the smell being so wonderful that I didn’t care what the oil was for; I knew I had to own it and take it home with me. It remains here because it is amazing oil and lasts a long time, as just a bit is all you need!

When I was offered the opportunity to review additional products from The Adult Toy Shoppe, and I saw The Kama Sutra Weekender Kit it was one of my first choices! It’s rare when I find a kit like that that I know will have quality products of which I will enjoy all of them. I reviewed The Original Weekender Kit and when the package arrived I was surprised by the size.

The Kit is not much larger than a deck of cards. It is about an inch thicker, but the length is a definitely pocketsize. This was surprising for me, as I didn’t realize it would be so compact and I wondered if there would be enough of each item for me to do a good review. When I thought of travel size I assumed the size of items you would get at a drug store to put your shampoo in, or the size of items a hotel may give you. These are about half that size. Inside the Kit was the following:

  • Original Oil of Love (clear bottle container with green fluid)
  • Spearmint Stimulating Pleasure Balm (circular container with green gel)
  • Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust (circular container with golden powder)
  • Feather Applicator
  • Sweet Almond Massage Oil (clear bottle container with yellow fluid)
  • Love Liquid Sensual Lubricant (mauve colored bottle container)

The Kit was sealed in plastic and the box that it came in was sturdy and thick. It opens as a book would in the center and small travel size containers of each item are included. Each individual item comes either sealed in their own plastic (i.e. Oil of Love, Pleasure Balm, Honey Dust) while the massage oil and lubricant were not sealed in plastic they had a sturdy covering that held the liquid in place that the screw on cap held down so nothing would pour out. The feather applicator was not sealed and sat on top of the items.

There is a white card that covers the items and that shares with you what is inside. The card also offers suggestions for how to use each item for the best result. I found this a nice touch to the Kit, but the font is extremely small on this card, so if you have a hard time reading small print, keep this in mind. I had to wear my glasses and had the card pretty close to my face to read it properly.

I’ll admit that I was very excited to test out each of these items, and only one left me a bit weary: the spearmint stimulating pleasure balm. I’ve tried and reviewed similar items and although they are supposed to offer not only a taste of spearmint, but they are also expected to stimulate certain sensitive parts of the body (i.e. nipples). The latter has rarely ever worked for me, yet for some reason when I apply it to my lips there is a tingling sensation that I imagine is what is to occur if you were to put them on your nipples.

So, when I first opened the Spearmint Stimulating Pleasure Balm, I smelled it and a strong spearmint scent accompanies the thick yet light gel. The container is the size of a US $1 dollar coin, a bit larger than a quarter, so there is not too much product, but enough for you to get a few uses out of. I put the product on my lips by dabbing a bit at the bottom of my lip and pressing my lips together. Almost instantly I felt a tingling sensation that I expected and it lasted a good amount of time, at least 15 minutes.

After I put the spearmint on my lips, I started to open the other items. I carefully opened the Oil of Love, which has a plastic cover and a cork that holds the fluid in. Be cautious and careful opening the cork from the container as the fluid may fall out if you are not. The scent of the Oil of Love is light and pleasant; almost a musky scent, but not one that is overpowering or that stays for a long period of time. The way to use this Oil is to apply it to any part of your body and rub in. Then, you or a partner(s) can blow on that area and the area with the oil will warm up.

I tried this quickly on my hand and could not tell a big difference between the hand that I put it on and blew versus blowing on my other hand with no oil. I added a bit more and realized that the more oil you apply to a smaller area and rub in and then blow as your rub results in the best warming sensation. I was worried there would only be enough of the product for one experience with my partner.

I then opened the Sensual Lubricant and there was no odor whatsoever from this product, which I like. The oil is clear, light and at first touch seems to be a sturdy product that can last a long time. This is the only item that is made specifically for the genitals, all the other items can be used on your genitals, but were not made especially for those areas.

I didn’t open the massage oil until later because I knew what to expect, so instead I went for the Honeysuckle Dust with Feather Applicator. This is another container to be cautious about opening as the golden dust inside can fall out easily and get everywhere. Now, I don’t mind having shiny dust all over me if I’m in my “house gear” or naked, but getting this on some work wear or items that need to be dry cleaned is another story for some folks. The dust fell out a bit and onto my fingers, but this offered a good opportunity to rub it on my palms and see how long the scent lasts and if my skin felt soft as advertised or if there was a taste.

Impressed with how light the dust was, it did stay a long time keeping my palms dry and smooth. Even after about 10 minutes I licked my palms and there was a subtle and sweet flavor that was pretty yummy! The feather applicator works as an applicator for the dust, but also as a tickler on it’s own.

So, to start, I began with a product that my partner and I felt most comfortable exploring: the Lubricant. It is latex safe, water-based, and light. I had to be more goal oriented since there is only a little bit of lubricant in the Kit. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough of the lubricant for me to even give a good hand job. I’m not sure if it is because my hands began to sweat a bit, or if I had higher hopes for the lube, or if it just didn’t mesh well with us and what we needed, but I found myself having to add more and more lube because it did not last very long or stay very slick for too long either. This was disappointing and took up a lot of time that I don’t think was really necessary. I mean it wasn’t hard to be sneaky about adding more lube since the bottle is so small, but it was less than erotic to me to know I needed more. I was left thinking I could have done a better job on my own. A positive aspect was that it didn’t stain the sheets or our clothing and was washable.

The Spearmint Stimulating Pleasure Balm was not my favorite item, this and the Lubricant I could do without. However, that is just me, I know several people who do have good outcomes and experiences with such pleasure balms. However, I don’t see myself using this product again, in any flavor.

The Oil of Love is latex-safe, it is only called “oil” to describe the texture, but it is water-based and good to use with any of your other toys or prophylactics. One of the reasons the oil has a green tint is because it is made of chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon. We had a good time playing around with it and seeing how hot certain spots could get. We learned that it helps if you have not recently brushed your teeth, but rather have not had anything to eat or drink (although we didn’t try drinking something warm then blowing on the spot). Just as I had expected, there was not enough in the Kit to explore different spots, but it is definitely one of the items that I would want to get in a larger size to use again and again. This is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and did not leave a sticky residue nor did it stain the sheets or our clothing. It comes in six other flavors and scents that you can purchase at The Adult Toy Shoppe for less than $35.

My absolute favorite item in this kit is the Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust. There is so much to do with this powder, and I like that it’s got some shimmer, so you can wear it before a date or throughout the day. The size is good and you can refill it and carry it with you wherever you need to go without it taking up too much space! In general, this item for me was the most fun, and applying it with the Feather Applicator was enjoyable as well. It is hypoallergenic; dermatologist tested and should only be used externally.

Do I have to tell you how much I also adore the Sweet Almond Massage Oil? I’ve owned it for over two years and having it in a smaller size in this Kit was a great addition. Now I can refill the smaller container whenever I need to and I can travel wherever I want with the individual container. You can purchase a larger 8-ounce bottle from The Adult Toy Shoppe for less than $20.

Refillable containers a plus, although very small, for some of the products it works really great. If you want to test out several items at once without paying full price, The Kama Sutra Weekender Kit is a great option.

I did not experience any skin irritations. However, I did not have a very easy time finding what ingredients are included in the kit. The items do not come with a list of ingredients for each item, as I would imagine they come with the larger items. They are not available on the website, so if you are someone who often has irritation to your skin when not knowing what a product is made of you may want to do more research, or skip this product all together.

You can purchase The Weekender Kit at The Adult Toy Shoppe for less than $30. All of their products are shipped in unmarked packages for discretion.

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

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  1. What a great review! I have seen this a million times and have always wanted to try it but could never justify the cost. Maybe now I will keep one stashed in casa mala por si acaso