Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Night Common Sense

Today I received my Latina Magazine with Shakira on the cover. A story advertised on the cover is the top 25 books all Latinas should read. Unfortunately, on this list there are only 8 Latina authors. Today I would like to quote an amazing Latina who changed my life and the lives of other Latinas and women of Color I know. She wasn't on the list:

There is a rebel in me --the Shadow Beast. It is a part of me that refuses to take orders from outside authorities. It refuses to take orders from my conscious will, it threatens the sovereignty of my rulership. It is the part of me that hates restraints of any kind, even those self-imposed. At the least hint of limitation on my time or space by others, it kicks out with both feet. Bolts.

Gloria AnzaldĂșa
Borderlands/La Fronteria: The New Mestiza
p. 38

Yes, they left out Gloria AnzaldĂșa.

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  1. I seriously can NOT believe that the left out Gloria Anzaldua. It makes me so sad that they did. And that also being a magazine titled 'Latina' that they only included 8 mujeres! I wonder who did the research for this? :(

    great quote! I love that book..