Thursday, October 22, 2009

Remember Angie Zapata y Gwen Araujo

Angie Martinez foto credit to GLAAD Blog

Gwen Araujo foto from Washington Blade

As some folks watch CNNs Latino In America and keep those of us without cable (or desire) to watch updated on twitter or facebook, I know that Angie Zapata and Gwen Araujo will not be included.

Just because CNN forgets our women doesn't mean we should to. Here is a list of the HANDFUL of Latino organizations/spaces that actually covered Angie y Gwen's murder and the trial that convicted the individuals who killed them (several mainstream and national media outlets like these and these, did not cover their murders or trial at all). If you know of other LATINO spaces that covered their murders and trial please leave a link in the comments!

Multiple media on VivirLatino about Angie Zapata

Gwen Arajuo, Rest In Peace from Blabbeando

A Candle For Angie
from Nezua at The Unapologetic Mexican

Support Justice for Angie Zapata
from bfp at FlipFloppingJoy

Young & Out: Anything But Safe by Daisey Hernandez posted on FIERCE!

Light A Candle for Angie Zapata from the ColorLines Blog RaceWire

Transgender Teen Angie Zapata Murdered In Colorado
from Guanabee

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