Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shameless Plugs

I'm a little late to getting to my shameless plugs, and that's because it's midterm week for myself and the students I work with.

Usually every Thursday I have a new post on my Media Justice column on the Amplify Your Voice website. Last Thursday I had a new article on the representations of transgender women of Color on television over the past few years called "Do Ya'll See What I See?" Please read it and share if you've noticed the same things I have.

My homeboy Nezua at The Unapologetic Mexican has published his latest video of Latinocentric news and the last minute is genius! Nezua has created the Joe Arapio Smackdown Dance and shares why we have reason to cut a rug! Check out his weekly videos and his latest one is below. The reason to bust a move is at the 5 minute mark!

News With Nezua | "The Checkpoint" | Oct 5 2009 from nezua on Vimeo.

Mark your calenders!
Iris López author of the book Matters of Choice Puerto Rican Women's Struggle for Reproductive Freedom will be presenting her book Thursday October 22, 2009 at 6pm at Hunter College, Centro Library East Bldg., 3rd floor, Main Library entrance, 68th and Lexington Ave.

I'm planning to attend as are several of my colleagues. This is an important part of Latino, Puerto Rico, and Caribbean history! A description of the book is below:

In Matters of Choice, Iris Lopez presents a comprehensive analysis of the dichotomous views that have portrayed sterilization either as part of a coercive program of population control or as a means of voluntary, even liberating, fertility control by indi-vidual women. Drawing upon her twenty-five years of research on sterilized Puerto Rican women from five different families in Brooklyn, Lopez untangles the interplay between how women make fertility decisions and their social, economic, cultural, and historical constraints. Weaving together the voices of these women, she covers the history of sterilization and eugenics, societal pressures to have fewer children, a lack of adequate health care, patterns of gender inequality, and misinformation provided by doctors and family members.

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