Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are You A Sex(uality) Blogger/Writer of Color?

I'm looking to expand my "resources" list on my website and would like to have a list of sex(uality)* bloggers/writers of Color** (you do not need to identify as Latin@). I've asked around and searched to see if there is some type of list of us, but there does not seem to be any.

It's time ya'll. I envision shameless plugs for all of us who are writing on these topics, but also provide a range of resources for folks seeking insight, support, advice, community, affirmation, or whatever else they need through what many of us may provide!

I know several bloggers/writers of Color who write on sex(uality), but I'd like your permission to share your site on, so please let me know if I have your permission one of several ways:

1. Leave a comment here, DM me on Twitter, leave me a message on Tumblr, if we are homies on Facebook, leave a note there, or if you have my email address send me an email with a link to your online/virtual home(s)

2. Share with me how you would like your online/virtual home(s) identified (i.e. name)

My goal is to have this list completed (and continually updated) by mid-summer 2011. I will only check the link you provide to make sure it is live and working, not for specific content. If you identify as a person of Color writing on sex(uality) and reach out, I'll include you.

Many thanks in advance!
Peace, love and light

* I'll leave it up to each individual person and/or group to define sex(uality) as a theme/topic they write about, no definitions or restraints from me, define it how you see it!

**I'll leave identifying as a "person of Color" up to the individual and/or group, again I will not define or restrain folks from identifying as such.


  1. Hi, this is a great idea! Here's a link to articles by Latina sex columnist Jane Sez, which is featured on Gozamos, an online magazine I work for:

  2. Hey, great idea, thanks so much for doing this! I'm a writer of South Asian descent and I would love to be part of your list.

    The Bottom Runs the Fuck: Stories
    (my smut blog) --

    Shameless Yonis
    (our group blog, the web's only explicit site written by and about South Asian female sexuality) --

    my twitter list of South Asian writers/bloggers/tweeps who cover sex & sexuality --!/MSvairini/shameless-yonis/members

  3. Hello!

    I run a site, that is a sex-positive, but realistic site for women who want to empower themselves through their approach to sexuality and relationships.

    I would love to be a part of your collective and I'll be sure to link your site as well!
    You can refer to it as Knob-Slobbing Feminism and if you need more information, reach me at


  4. thanks folks! the first round of sex(uality) writers/bloggers is posted! if you think of others who may be interested feel free to send them this post and have me include them! take care. paz