Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update: Get Bi to the AMC

It's been a little over a month since I started to fundraise to get to the AMC, and I'm superexcited (yes all one word!) to give an update!

I have raised $466!!!! through virtual donations alone (I know others are coming via snail mail!)

I've also been provided with FREE registration for the AMC as my application for the first ever Healing Practice & Relaxation Space was accepted. As a result, in exchange for free registration, I will be providing my doula and/or art therapy services. This is an amazing opportunity for me to continue to do work in specific space and with various communities while still gaining insight, experience, and challenging myself in the media and work I plan to continue to do.

Because I was able to raise a good amount of money fairly quickly I was able to purchase my plain ticket for significantly less than was originally believed. I've also got a friend who is flying from NYC on the same flight as I am and who can cut transportation costs with me to and from Detroit Airport while we are there (although we are still seeking other options via the AMC travel boards). For those of you who are more visual here's the old budget followed by the NEW budget!

Old/Original Budget NEW budget in RED

Plane Ticket $325 Paid $245
Transportation to NYC airport: $20 ($10 metrocard roundtrip to BX, $10 roundtrip shuttle card to JFK) $10 b/c leaving from LGA
Transportation to AMC from airport: $110 ($55 1 way not including gratuity) $60 for now b/c riding w/a friend
Registration: $70 (i'd like to pay $100 as requested if possible) $0 FREE registration
Grub: $100 (lunch (~$10 & dinner ~$15 for 4 days) $100
Lodging: $180 ($45 per night in 4 person suite style dorm room) $180

Total: $805-835 (cover $100 conference fee) NEW total: $595

Which means I only need to raise $129!!!

Many thanks to the folks who have donated, shared this link, and supported my first efforts to get my tail to a conference! Snail Mail goodies will come to you and I can't wait to meet folks in 3D for the first time!


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