Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DAY 25: 30 Day Latin@ Blog Challenge

Day 25 - Post a picture about your familia and explain its significance

here's brown baby jesus aka my nephew (we called him that b/c my sisters refused to tell us the name they chose for him until his birth) writing in my bday card for this year. He's everythang to our family. My sisters tried for almost a year to get pregnant. They went the artificial insemination route and listening to them come to a decision to find a donor they both liked (and then finding out that donor was no longer available) and then having to look for another is stressful but so exciting for them to share. 
he's 20 lbs at 6 mo. he's starting to get some teeth in and he's starting to make lots of sounds. my sisters have done a great job of raising a son who is not scared. he is so curious and interested and only cries when tired or hungry. seriously, this is the only time homeboy cries!

He was hanging w/my cornpops, his abuelo, yesterday and my papi and him are so sweet together. papi said this is "his first boy" and he's so happy. my papi has a full beard that's now grey and he was not afraid of the hair! he reached out for it and had it near him and touched it. often kids are scared of papi's beard, but not our sebastian.

he smiles at everything and everyone. he's realizing how to get folks attention when he wants it, he got tricks up his sleeves already! he's going to be nice and brown when they get him in the sun b/c my sister in law is nice and dark brown. 

i whisper in his ear lyrics to "young gifted and black" b/c that's what he's got to hear right now so it's socialized into his brain cells that his Blackness is a gift from his ancestors! his hair is going to curl b/c when i met him at 10min old it was all wavy. it's only a matter of time.

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