Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 27: 30 Day Latin@ Blog Challenge

Day 27 – Favorite Latino Author
I dont know. I do know who I don’t sweat or love, and those are considered “unpopular” b/c so many folks love and adore them. I can have a list from the top of my head and LatiNegras would start it such as:
Mayra Santos-Febres
Erika Lopez
Sofia Quintero aka Black Artemis
Aida Hurtado
Sandra Cisneros
Piri Thomas
Larry La Fountain Stokes
Charles Rice-Gonzalez
Miguel Piñero
These are just a few but they are the folks that I also use when I teach. I’ve had Sofia’s books be required texts in my classes focusing on gender, race, class, women, art, etc. Mayra Santos-Febres has an amazing erotic story called Fe en disfraz/Faith in Disguise

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