Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 29: 30 Day Latin@ Blog Challenge

Day 29 – Are Latinos Black?

Yes. I believe Latin@s can identify as an racial classification. If you disagree think about allllllll the anti-Black racism Latin@s support, uphold, reinforce, encourage, promote, and pick up anew each day.

Think about how often we are discussed when folks talk about Latin@s. How many of the Latin@ events and publications at your school for Latin@ Heritage Month discussed us? We were included throughout or just featured for one event?

How do you see lighter-skinned Latin@s standing in solidarity with us, with mestiz@s too because there’s also a ton of anti-Indio and anti-Mestiz@ isms in our communities. How may you as a lighter-skinned Latin@ challenge the anti-Black and anti-Mestiz@ racism in the community when you witness it and participate?

Do you have “connections” with publications and media outlets that need to feature the work being done by the amazing LatiNegr@s Project crew? Perhaps now is a good time to stand in solidarity.

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