Friday, May 1, 2009

FREE Giveaway

Free? Giveaway? That's a double positive right? Well that's because it is a double dose of juicy book goodness! If you did not know: May is not only Masturbation Month, but also Latino Book Month and Asian Heritage Month! (If you think books about Asian heritage seems odd on a Latino Sexuality blog, you NEED to sign up for the books to read how our histories intersect! You can't understand Latino history without understanding Asian history too!). Our supportive friends at Hachette Book Group will be giving away 5 FREE books for Latino Book Month AND Asian Heritage Month!

All YOU have to do to get FREE books is leave a comment on this blog and I'll select a winner each week in the Month of May! That's up to 5 winners this month! The best part is: if you are a winner you win all 5 books of that genre!

Here's what to do:

Leave a comment that has a link to how to reach you (personal blog, email address, etc.)

It's that easy!

Here are some rules:

1. You can leave as many comments as you want for May, but ONLY for this posting

2. I can only offer this giveaway to US and Canadian residents (sorry !if you have a friend in these places and win send me their info and we can ship it to them and they can ship it to you! (on their dime of course))

3. No PO Boxes please

Want to know what the books are? Check them out:

1. B as in Beauty By Alberto Ferreras ISBN: 0446697893

2. Into the Beautiful North By Luis Urrea ISBN: 0316025275

3. Hungry Woman in Paris By Josefina Lopez ISBN: 0446699411

4. The Disappearance of Irene Dos Santos By Margaret Mascarenhas ISBN: 0446541109

5. Houston, We Have a Problema By Gwendolyn Zepeda ISBN: 0446698520

1. Free Food for Millionaires By Min Jin Lee ISBN: 0446699853

2. Trail of Crumbs By Kim Sunée ISBN: 0446697907

3. The Fortune Cookie Chronicles By Jennifer Lee ISBN: 0446698970

4. Transparency By Frances Hwang ISBN: 0316166936

5. Strangers from a Different Shore By Ronald Takaki ISBN: 0316831301


  1. Hi B,
    Interesting blog, just started reading. It has been a long time since our OA days. I will leave a comment and hopefully win some summer reading. Hope you are doing well.

  2. is representing!


  3. Hey Dr. B!!!! Girl, I LOVE good free stuff.....those books would be lovely additions to my home library! blessed!

  4. Hi B! You're AMAZING!

    Have a great day,
    Rosa B.

  5. Hi Bianca,
    I'm happy to have gotten this forward. I was able to check out your websites and think it's great to have spaces opening up to talk about our sexuality as Latinos and people of color. Best to you and your projects. Hope to keep to stay updated.

  6. I would like to enter the contest for a free book. This is great for my summer reading.


  7. Hey Bianca,

    I manage the LGSA listserv at UMCP and I always get the forwards you send to post to the listserv including this one. I think it would be sweet to get some summer reading while I'm not in class.

    Raquel Gonzalez