Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Night Common Sense

When I was not working I subscribed to get a ton of magazines for free. I had lots of big plans for art projects, I still do. But right now as I'm working the magazines are in my bathroom or taking up space in a corner. In the bathroom this week is May 2009 issue of Interview Magazine. The first full interview I read was with Yusuf Islam "the artist formally known as Cat Stevens" reads the first sentence in the headline.

Interview asked Islam:

"Why are spirituality and sexuality so often at odds with each other? It seems that most spiritual belief systems have a difficult time integrating those two energies."

Islam's response is this evening's Common Sense. He says:

"The sexual act--separating that from love itself--is centered solely in the body, whereas spirituality is connected to the whole self. Whether it's a female, a taste, or a sound, all these beautiful things affect our self. We are the perceivers of beauty, and that's why sex doesn't quite go far enough. You can go much further with the spiritual."

This is one of the best arguments for masturbation if I've ever heard one. I interpret this as an attempt to share with us how we separate the love from the act of sex. We can practice how to not seperate those two right now! You can merge the body, love, and the spirit and have an amazing orgasm. Get to work! May is Masturbation Month!

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