Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Juicy Goodness

This morning I woke up to so much good stuff in my inbox and on the television. The first good thing I came to was a story about a young 17 year-old woman of Color, Fallon Smith, who created a 11 minute documentary in her school in Upper Marlboro, MD on sexuality and unprotected sex. She then worked with the students interviewed, had them trained to be sexual health advocates, then worked with her school to host an event where her documentary was shown to students and conversations were led on sexuality. I'm begging someone, anyone to give her a scholarship! If I had some money or access to resources that could help her I would send them her way. She's an amazing example for young activists!

Next, I got this email asking for urgent action to be taken by us to stand in support of President Obama's efforts to cut spending on abstinence-only education. Advocates for Youth have sent out this note and have helped generate letters so you can send to your congressional representatives.

In a more gender-equal-but-canceled-out-cause-of-gender-stereotyping news, Depends adult support has created new ads targeting both men and women. Historically I've only seen ads geared towards women and incontinence. Now they are including men as they have made Depends for men. Yet, these ads are a bit troubling in a gender stereotyping way. Take a look:

This one is with people of Color called "Driver"

This one is called "Rules the World"and has hints of heterosexism

FYI, to everyone with a vulva, if you are not yet at a place where you need Depends products, you can work on strengthening your PC muscles, which if they are weak, when we sneeze or cough, we may have a bit of urine that escapes from the urethra. You may have heard of Kegel exercises, but they do work and are helpful for childbirth and recovering from childbirth. You must do them right first! I learned this just a few years ago. When I do them right I feel pressure (and pleasure sometimes) near my clitoris and my tension extends all the way back to my bum, but that's how I know I'm doing them correctly!

Just like Depends, PC muscle exercises are not just for people with vulvas, people with penis can also work on their PC muscles to help with any "dribble" after ejaculation, help with pre-mature ejaculation (early ejaculation), and helping with your orgasms. You can do PC exercises without anyone knowing you are doing them!

Then, my homegirl Erika Lopez, announced she would share some of her works in progress live this weekend. So if you are in California, the Mission/San Francisco area, check her out at Make Out Room, 3225 22nd street, 7:30, San Francisco, CA. Also, follow her on twitter for other engagements & rants.

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