Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Links I'm Loving: Latina Sexuality!

I've got so many blog posts on my mind, but grading student papers and turning in grades is priority, so bare with me! The semester will be over this week!

As I get it together, my homegirls are taking care of business! Check out these dope links on Latinas that all have to do with our sexuality!

If you want to see me live and in person I'm going to Hispanic Panic! this Wednesday to see my favorite Puerto Rican Mami Meagan "La Mamita Mala" Oritz as well as other fantastic LGBT/Feminist/all around dope artists! Cover is FREE, that's right in my budget. Visit here for details!

My homegirl GoddessJaz sent this link to me entitled What I Learned From Watching 500 Adult Films.

Homegirl Liza from http://www.culturekitchen.com/ sent this link to the White House Montage of the newest Supreme Court Justice, a Puerto Rican from the boogie-down, Judge Sonia Sotomayer

2009 DC Caribbean Film Festival is coming up next week! If you are in the area definitely go!

Finally, my homegirl and fellow sex worker, dopegirlfresh, has posted an amazing muse about her experience and privilege being a sex worker. It's good reading, required if you take my class!

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