Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Condoms That Are Barely There

I’ve written about how condoms can save lives and how they have become more and more unavailable to communities that need them. I also know that there are folks out there who think condoms are uncomfortable, ruin the “mood,” and reduce pleasure for both partners.

I understand this. I’ve held the same ideas. Today I want to share what I’ve found through trial and error to work for me while using condoms with partners or on my toys. I want to make it clear that I do not have any financial or professional investments with any brands.

Here are some condoms that I love, that my partners have loved, and that I have in my arsenal (i.e. handbag, bedside table, backpack, basket in living room, you must always be ready).

Lifestyles SKYN is one of the only options for folks who want to spend less but have a latex allergy. Usually polyurethane condoms are available for folks with latex allergies, however they are often more expensive. Lifestyles SKYN condoms are made of a non-latex material called polyisoprene and is proven to protect against pregnancy, HIV and STIs when used properly and consistently. They are also fairly easy to find in stores and are priced similarly, if not exact, to latex condoms. When these first came out I gave some to friends to try out and they said they could tell a difference in the sensations they experienced, in a good way! Lifestyles SKYN condoms feel thin when you open them and are mildly lubricated.

Trojan Ultra-Thin condoms are the condoms that when I open them I can instantly feel how thin they are without rolling it down. The color is also more clear than other thin condoms which doesn’t mute or alter the color of your partner or of the toy you are covering.

Trojan Magnum Thin my last partner and I used these exclusively. They work great and do feel thin. However, in comparison to the Trojan Thin above, they are not as obviously thin once opened.

Crown Skinless Skin
is a Japanese-made condom. I appreciate this condom becaues it doesn't have any ridges or extra things going on to distract me or my partner. It works great and feels great too. I find this one to be the most lubricated of all the condoms. Sometimes difficult to find in drugstores and pharmacies, you may find the easier at online pharmacies or stores/boutiques specializing in condoms and accessories.

I’d like to recommend Condomania which has an amazing supply of brands, textures, flavors, lubes, toys, and instructions to help you find the best condoms for you. They also have great sample packs to give you an opportunity to test out several and see which work best for you and your partner. They do not offer free samples but they do offer:
offer 100 FREE CONDOMS with every order over $49.00 as well as a gift certificate worth $20.00 for every order over $79.00. Plus if your order is over $29.00 we throw in a shipping credit worth $3.50.
They can ship internationally also which I know can help those of you reading outside the US.

Finally, if you want free condoms Condomania recommends you visit Condoms4Free where you can select from 4 different brands to send you samples. I’ve done it and it does work.

If you are an organization in NYC you can sign up to receive FREE condoms, including FREE female condoms and lube, here.

I'm thinking about a Lube post that can accompany this because it is very important you don't forget your lube. Yet, just like condoms, lube comes in various types, flavors, textures, and prices so expect that post shortly!

Learn how to properly put on a condom here. It's ok to practice even if you are by yourself! Sometimes we get nervous when we are with a partner. Even I have had trouble putting one on my partners. It's a skill. An important skill to have. Get to practicing!

*all fotos were (c) of RipNRoll

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