Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FREE Training!

Did you know that I am a Master Trainer with the National Association of Social Workers/Lambda Legal LGBTQ Out-Of-Home Youth project? I was one of 40 selected from a large group of providers, activists, educators and advocates selected.

This collaboration began to provide youth and service providers information and support for young LGBTQ people who are involved with the child welfare, juvenile justice, and homeless service systems. I am providing FREE trainings for service workers (social workers, social work students, case workers, case managers, directors, program managers, program directors, and everyone else working with LGBTQ youth.

As a Master Trainer I bring all of the materials to YOU, your organization and can conduct a training based on YOUR needs FREE of charge. I can modify the training to be a 3-hour training to a full day training. I can do one training on LGBTQ 101 Intro to LGBTQ youth and a second training on LGBTQ 102 focusing on transgender youth.

If you are interested in having me visit your organization and provide a FREE training please contact me by either leaving a comment for this post or email me at

If you are in NYC I can travel free of charge. If you are in another neighboring state I would request transportation support. Travel from NYC to DC/MD/and parts of VA can be negotiated.

Read more about this collaboration here.


  1. Hi, this is OT, but I just wanted you to know that your blog has an "adult content" warning attached to it, so that when people try to come here they get an "adult content" warning instead and have to click either to leave or to enter anyway. If you did not put this here, it means someone flagged your blog to blogger and they put it up.

    I really find having to go through this step disconcerting, especially in the context of queer blogs like Pam's House Blend being blocked at cafes, queer films being flagged as "adult content" at youtube, and the filtering fiasco at recently. It is really starting to feel like a deliberate effort to push us out of the internet after or b/c of all of the work we have been doing organizing and speaking in this space (the internet).

    Anyway, on topic, I just wanted to let you know I was cross posting your offer on my blog and to say thanks for giving back. :D

  2. Hi OT! Thanks for your comment and for sharing this training. You bring up several important points that I struggle with on a regular basis. I am going to work on a separate post regarding this topic as it is multi-layered and I'd like to open it up for a discussion.

    In solidarity,