Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dr. Tiller, Abortion & Communities of Color

I received a link to I am Dr. Tiller. Before I began to think about what I would post as an abortion provider, I clicked on the link "Writings About Dr. Tiller" and was sent to the Our Bodies Our Blog page.

Saddened that there were no postings by communities and organizations of Color regarding his murder, I commented below with a handful of posts I knew off the top of my head and found links for in under 5 minutes. These links are of community of Color writers who wrote about Dr. Tiller's murder. Please feel free to add your links below. It is imperative to let the world and anti-choice folk, that communities of Color are pro-choice, we are not silent, and we continue working and ensuring our bodies are protected with dignity, safety, and quality care!

Below is my post:

I think it's extremely important, as a woman of Color, to include the commentary and writings by pro-choice communities of Color who also mourn his loss. Below are just a few, but our writings are not scarce!

Latino Sexuality

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health Decries the Murder of Dr. Tiller


Angry Black Bitch

Culture Kitchen

Jack & Jill Politics

Countering Anti-Choice Terrorism by Melissa Harris-Lacewell

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