Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Links I'm Loving: Seasoned Latino Sexuality!

Sometimes the days are just filled with amazing news and writings that I'm reminded of from years ago. It is times like these that I like to go back and read those articles again. It was these series of current briefings that reminded me of other readings. First the current links, then the throwbacks!

1. The American Association of Retired People (AARP) has released the information on their most recent research regarding older Latino workers. Research shows that Latinos work later in life than their peers, make less pay even in older age, Latinos live on average 3 years longer than their peers, and that older Latinos can help fill a void in the job market.

2. AARP has created a publication called Segunda Juventud for Latinos over 55 years old. Not only is this publication in Spanish, but it's also created towards Latino members, not just the English publication translated. For example, this issue has an interview with Sheila E!

3. One of my favorite sexologists is Dr. Marty Klein. Not only do I love his blog Sexual Intelligence, but I reviewed his book America's War on Sex. Today I found this article by him: Why There's No Such Thing as Sexual Addiction -- And Why It Really Matters: Part 1. One of the reasons I love this article is for this quote:

"sexual energy is powerful and demands expression"

All of these reminded me of the AARP report produced in 2005 entitled: Sus vidas y amores… (Their Lives and Loves…) Latino Singles At Midlife and Beyond

I LOVED the Golden Girls. They were on the vanguard of so much and are not only classic TV, but still relevant today! I'm on my way to a Cruise for the first time in my life. I'm hoping it's a Golden Girls cruise. I'll have stories and fotos to share when I get back! In the meantime enjoy this clip

(PS, lamb skin/natural skin condoms are porous and bacteria and infections can get through. Go for Latex, polyurethane and/or polyisoprene).

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