Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sex Goddesses In Living Color

If you follow me on twitter you know I already asked this. But it is one of the reasons why I came to this field, not to see my work being ignored, my lives work at that. Either way: I wonder why one of the "nationally recognized sex toy boutique" provides a list of Sex Goddesses, but they are all White.

I say we come up with a list of more inclusive Sex Goddesses. Send me your suggestions and I'll compile the list and forward it to Babeland, who originally compiled the colorfree list.

Share anyone and everyone because as people of Color, as women of Color, communities that are under-resourced, I know we do sexuality education on a regular basis just not with a publisher, in front of a camera or with a huge budget. Here's your chance to mention a Sex Goddess in our community. Let's recognize one another and add our voice.


  1. As a woman or color, a latina and someone who has participated in the Yoruba religion I am going to have to go with my Guardian Angel -Ochun.

    In Cuban Santería, Oshun (sometimes spelled Ochún or Ochun) is an Orisha of love, maternity and marriage. She has been syncretized with Our Lady of Charity (La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre), Cuba's patroness. She is associated with the color yellow, metals gold and copper, peacock feathers, mirrors, and anything of beauty, her favorable day of the week is Saturday and the number she is associated with is 5.

    She is the embodiment of sensuality, love and yet she is strong and independent.

  2. I like what Indigrrl had to say!