Monday, September 14, 2009

Fat Virgin Mary

I've never seen an image with a fat Virgin Mary before. I've seen the liberation of Mary when I first went to Oregon in 2002. I had seen her in an indie bookstore and 2 weeks after returning home I called the bookstore and asked if it was still available. It was and I purchased it! I LOVE it. Here it is below:

I fell in LOVE with Alma Lopez's "Our Lady" 1999 digital media image seen below (which was also the cover art for Chris Abani's book Virgin of the Flames:

While on my trip this weekend I found a FAT VIRGIN MARY! I had never seen one before! So I purchased her. The only thing I know about this image is that it was made in Peru.



  1. they're all so freaking beautiful--thanks SO much for showing these. I'd only ever seen the alma lopez one!


  2. OMG! We're discussing this in my women's studies class! I love Alma Lopez's "Our Lady"!