Friday, September 18, 2009

Latino Sexuality Round UP

The week is coming to an end but there are TONS of things going on! If you are in NYC please try to make it out to one of these events. If you are somewhere else please check out the links, see if you can make a donation, or enjoy the articles from this week!

My homegirl Maegan La Mamita Mala Ortiz is reading her poetry this evening at Bluestockings. Readings begin at 7pm and are FREE!

Three things occurring this weekend and I hope you can pick one and go!

1. Walk to Beat The Clock for Cervical Cancer
I'm going to be there will you? Event begins at 8:30am

2. NY Coalition for Abortion Clinic Defense Training
I'm going to try real hard to make this after the walk! If you are able to provide clinic defense for women who need care but are blocked by anti-choice protesters, please help! This is a center in the South Bronx, you know what that means: families of Color, working class people, OUR community needs us!

3. The Doula Project in NYC Fundraiser
As many of you know I am an abortion doula and this is the organization I work with. This is very near and dear to my heart. If you can support the fundraising events pelase go, or make a donation!

Are you a fan of True Blood? If so check out all of the writings on True Blood this week on the site I write for: In The Culture. Here's my piece on Latina Vampire Isabella, the most powerful woman of Color on the show who instantly is written off the storyline when she gains power! hmmmm.

My homegirl GoddessJaz tweeted this story "Body Worlds plans corpses sex exhibition" asking if we think it's creepy, art, science? I wondered when I read the article, is this consensual sex? What say you? Let's also not forget that there is remains concern regarding how the bodies were obtained.

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