Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8, Dia de La Caridad Del Cobre

Today, September 8, is the day of La Caridad Del Cobre, also known as Our Lady of Charity and Oshun. She is the Orisha of love and sensuality.

I love it when people share with use fotos of their alters.

Here's my alter:

Here I am in 2001 when I went to Cuba with my offering to La Caridad Del Cobre

To find out more about her, how to make offerings and ask for guidance I highly reccomend Kenaz Filan's book Vodou Love Magic: A Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships which I have shared some quotes from.

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  1. what a beautiful sacred space! i love it.

    yeye oshun is wonderful indeed. ore yeye o!