Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Remember These Items Are Needed In Haiti Too

People often forget these sexual and reproductive health care need during times of distress, terror, confusion, natural disaster, etc. If we don't learn from what people needed during 9/11 then we surely need to learn from what people needed during Hurricane Katrina. If you are sending items to Haiti please remember the following:

-Sanitary Napkins
-Morning After Pill (Plan B)
-Napkins/Paper Towels/Toilet Paper
My homegirl Prof. Susurro (who has also made a comprehensive list of places to give) reminded those of us with access to meds:
-HIV medications
-Hormone medication

Folks may not want to recognize that often when people are scared, confused, and needing something tangible in their life, sex is often one of the most accessible forms of affection and touch that can be experienced. When 9/11 happened I was at NYU and students were evacuated from downtown housing. Those students were placed in the NYU arena/gymnasium. They had to distribute condoms to students because in that time that was the one thing that they found comfort in: one another's bodies. Please help the possibility of infection and unwanted pregnancies by remembering condoms, spermicide and plan b.

Also, people may be menstruating and needing various products to help them from experiencing any more frustration and discomfort than they already have. Please make sure that if you are sending items to Haiti to remember these items. I have yet to see a list of what Haiti needs that includes these items.

I've heard (but can't find confirmation) that FedEx is shipping anything under 50 pounds FREE of charge to Haiti. UPDATE neither FedEx nor UPS are offering free shipping at this time. Please take the time to remember all the things people lost and need and how reproductive and sexual health intersect with coping and healing.

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