Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 2: 30 Day Latino Blog Challenge

Day 2 – What Latin American Country/Island have I been to
I’ve lived in Xhualtez, Yucatan in Mexico. i worked at the Mayan House of Health for several months. It was the first health facility that had western trained and traditionally trained Mayan healers working at the same facility. I worked with the healers mostly as the western doctor didn’t really want to be bothered. I helped the healers who came in 1-week shifts, lived on the campus with us, and planted the herbs they needed to make ointments and medications. 
I was present when one person needed to “have her period come” (i.e. have an abortion) and translated while the healers provided a tea and deep tissue massage. I used the balm they made for me and my mosquito bites. I slept suspended in the air in a pink and white hand woven hammock. It was amazing. I was there when it was voting time and witnessed how candidates send in baby chickens to sway voters. You may eat the chicken and have grub, or raise the chicken to lay eggs and still eat, or swap it with someone else for something else. 
I’ve been to Cuba twice, once for a tour with MADRE in 2000, and again in 2001 for the World Association of Sexology (now the World Association of Sexual Health) conference where I presented on my work on Latin@ Teen Pregnancy Prevention efforts in the US. I also traveled to Santiago de Cuba for several days. 
I’ve been to Puerto Rico, my homeland that is not sovereign. 

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