Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 6: 30 Day Latin@ Blog Challenge

Day 6 - Immigration: For or Against?
I have no idea what this question refers to exactly. I think folks will read into this question and answer it based on their own perspectives. Folks may make arguments regarding DREAMers, immigration reform, secure communities (SCOMM), and other federal policies. But is that REALLY what this question is asking?
Am I for or against immigration, um who the hell am i to tell folks what to do with their bodies? To cross borders or to stay in homelands? Who am I to have an opinion when my homeland was FORCED into a migratory experience and then folks argue we aren’t “real immigrants” when our experiences of shock, isolation, expected assimilation, etc. are as “real” as many immigrants. 
People immigrate and migrate all over the world. This is a fact. This is how we have the world we have today. That ish isn’t going to stop and if folks think they can stop it or try to regulate it they are really out of touch with the world and so focused on squirreling away resources for a day that may not ever come. 

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