Saturday, September 22, 2012

day 8: 30 Day Latin@ Blog Challenge

Day 8 -  What Latino Stereotype do I hate the most

There are many that I don't enjoy here are a few that work my nerves especially:
1. "good hair"/pelo malo. this is not Latin@ only, but it's def rooted in anti-Black racism that many Latin@s embrace and perpetuate. 
2. Latin@s are all one religious belief system. no we aren't! we are present and reprsented in so many religious belief systems including having no belief system! 
3. Latin@s are not pro-choice. um, yes many of us are! and those who think they would never get an abortion doesn't mean they would stand in the way of another person's options. that means being pro-choice too, minding your own business! (and there's research to support this)
4. You are not a "real" Latin@ if you don't speak Spanish. shut all the way up, callate ya. 
5. Only Latin@s are immigrants. go read a book

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