Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 3: 30 Day Latino Blog Challenge

Day 3 – Favorite Latin Cuisine
whatever my papi makes. it’s really that simple. my papi was the chef and cook in our house primarily. his cooking is like another form of artwork. the way he seasons things, the way he times everything to be done at the same time. how he plans out menus from basic and simply items.
when i go home for special visits i ask him to make me maizena. it’s a porridge made from cornstarch. he makes it so sweet and yummy it can be for breakfast or dessert! He adds lemon and lemon zest and then the top layer of the porridge gets a bit solid and when you dip your spoon into it the creamy filling on the inside is still warm and smooth. it’s like when you dig into a chocolate lava cake and the chocolate pours out. only this time it’s in a bowl, it’s homemade, it’s lemony goodness. 
maybe this is not a “Latin@” cuisine but more a Caribbean one.

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