Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kitten Lopez Full Slice of Pie Holiday!

Kitten Lopez Day Holiday is to remind people what grown women look like: we have FULL slices of pie! So take fotos of your full slice of pie (no pink please) and send them to: or me at

This from Erika Lopez:

this guy in prison would get girlfriends sending him love letters and naked photos. he sent them on to me. this is my favorite pin up of almost all time. i love her realness, her tiny stomach, her naturalness, her laughing, and her regular nipples unmolested with ice cubes. it's just a friendly, "dear prisoner, i'd really love it if you'd be so kind as to jerk off to my photo. thank you. signed, anonymous girl."

(i covered her eyes because as sweet as they are, i don't want to actually out her online)

she seems so sweet and girly, i feel like a trucker next to her. i feel like sitting her on my lap and telling her i'll pay her mortgage even though i can't pay my own rent. point is, i GET it. i get why guys think with their dicks because suddenly I'M thinking with their dicks, too.

life is so complicated. no PBS science special can explain this to me.

anyhow, anonymous prisoner girlfriend kicks off our first annual KITTEN LOPEZ HOLIDAY EVE. the holiday officially kicks off tomorrow, on Bianca Laureano's birthday (29 July).

This is the time of year when we remind you what grown women look like...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Bianca...

For more about Bianca's work:

and for more information on LAS LOPEZISTAS, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, or on our LOPEZISTA SITE.

Thank you.

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