Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Week in Latino Sexuality

I'm exhausted! Working five jobs this summer means there will be some months that I just can't get to write a blog post. I'm working on it, trust me. I have 3 blog posts on 3 great topics just in the "saved" mode. They are works in progress. Stay with me. Also, my birthday is in a week, well more like 6 days. Today is when July Leo's get to REPRESENT! Happy Birthday to all the July Leo's.

In the meantime; what do ya'll think of the new Latina vampire on True Blood? She made her premiere this past Sunday!

I'm going to go to 3 films for the New York International Film Festival, will anybody else be there? What films are you thinking of going to see? Do you have thoughts like I do about the lack of female directors on the 100+ film lineup?

Marty Klein has a new post about the sexuality content and themes in books and the reactions/perceptions of these texts by librarians and parents. My favorite quote:

The thing I said that apparently moved the audience most?
The two most important questions to teens are: “Who am I? Am I normal?”
In a healthy person, investigating and answering these questions must involve sexuality. And that sometimes involves arousal. Life is titillating. Teens have their radar up for eroticism; we can’t possibly eliminate it.

If you haven't yet, check out my review of Maxwell's new album: BLACKsummers'night.

Recently published was the Muslim Women Power List that includes 25 leading Muslim women from the UK. (and for those of you wonder, there are Latino Muslims!)

I'm glad to see that my work at the Child Welfare League of America almost 10 years ago is moving along to some extent. A new article addresses how teen pregnancy rates can decrease among teens in foster care (I wonder if they will include teens who identify as lesbian and/or bisexual because they can become pregnant too!)

Sadly, there are reports that the number of deaths among Latinos at work are increasing.

Finally, here are a few clips I'm using in my class when talking of objectification, agency, power, control, and women controlling the gaze. This is one of my favorite films about youth of Color, relationships, sexuality, and dating: Raising Victor Vargas!

I'm also using this clip from Girlfight to discuss the same topics. This film is *SO* powerful on numerous levels. Director Karyn Kusama is coming out with a new film soon! It's been too long that female directors don't get the support and recognition they deserve (take not NYILFF!)

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