Thursday, July 2, 2009

Scars, Walks, Friends

I wrote an article for an organization that is near and dear to me: Tamika & Friends, Inc. I was one of a fabulous group of women who co-founded the organization which is dedicated to eliminating cervical cancer through HPV education and prevention.

My current article is called Scars: The Wounds of Warriors & Survivors.

Tamika & Friends is also organizing their 2nd Annual Walk To Beat The Clock in NYC on September 19, 2009. Please consider attending and if you work for an organization or want to get your friends together to walk as a team please do so! I went last year and brought along my homegirl The Cruel Secretary. who wrote about the walk which you can read here. Here's our foto from the walk below:

That's Monika, Ryan, AJ (The Cruel Secretary) and I

And you can see more fotos of the NYC Walk, starting with The Cruel Secretary and I, here. You'll definitely see me there again this year!

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