Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Night Common Sense

My maternal grandmother died from Alzheimer's disease. I can see early traces of it in my mother today. When I last saw her in March, it was more apparent. She has yet to see a doctor about that specific issue.

Today as I was watching Waltz with Bashir, the main character went to a friend to discuss a dream/flashback he had upon hearing about another friends haunting dream of war. He thinks his friends dream triggered his memory/dream of war. He does not know if it was real or not. This is how the story begins. Here is what his friend tells him:

Memory is dynamic. It's alive. If some details are missing memory fills the holes with things that never happened...We don't go places where we really don't want to. A human mechanism prevents us from entering dark places. Memory takes us where we need to go.

Where will I let my memory take me? Where will you allow your memory to take you? How is giving into memory a form of freedom? Is the haunting of rememory as frightening as we allow ourselves to remember? Is it more frightening to not recall any of these memories? When an absence of rememory exists, then what? I wonder about all of this.

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