Saturday, February 13, 2010

LatiNegr@s Project: Jimmy Santos

An Afro-Argentine drummer and vocalist who is best known for his work in condombe, rock and jazz.

Here's a video of condombe:

A few folks have uploaded some audio of songs that Jimmy Santos had a hand in crafting such as Abuelo off the album Afrocandombe. Visit the website of the band he joined Raices and check them out in action below:

Listen to Jimmy Santos accompanied by singer Nora Benivenidez's live performance at the ARUA studios in Buenos Aires.

I spent at least 4 hours on this post. The fact that I could find very little (or a whole lot of the same cut and pasted things) about Jimmy Santos I think is telling. Telling of how he has yet to be granted the full respect and inclusion in Argentine and South American history. If you are someone who can change this I ask you to please do so!

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