Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LatiNegr@s Project: Piedad Córdoba

Today I would like to highlight a scholar, activist and lawyer Piedad Córdoba from Colombia. Often when we begin grassroot/virtual projects like these we begin with performers and artists. As many of you know, my father is an artist, and I value art in various forms. I also know that there are challenges that may arise if we only focus on artists, it isolates people who may not identify as such and potentially ignores the scholarship they've created.

All this to say that I am conscious of this and am working to include as many people and voices and accomplishments as I know of and I'm looking forward to learning about more from others via the LatiNegr@s Tumblr page (click here to submit something). Let's begin:

Piedad Córdoba is a lawyer and current politician in Colombia (her senate tenure ends this year). Cordoba has worked to challenge and end discrimination and oppression based on gender, race, and sexual orientation. These areas alone are often not discussed separately, let alone together!

She has acted as a mediator between FARC and the Colombian government, was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, and like many women who challenge patriarchal rule, status quo, and center historically and currently oppressed groups, has been targeted for all kinds of nonsense (she was kidnapped, allegedly associated to corruption, and is called a "paramilitary" supporter). I'm going to leave your opinions of who she is and the work she's completed up to you because whatever your decision you can't ignore that she is an important person for us to know, recognize, and watch.

Read more about her in Espanol aqui: Senadora Piedad Córdoba

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