Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LatiNegr@s Project: Sonia Báez-Hernández

An artist, performer, cancer survivor, filmmaker, activist, and poet Sonia Báez-Hernández uses her craft to heal and to educate. In her artist statement she says:

My inspiration as an artist comes from the connection with the real, abstract modulations, conceptual art, and from multiple becoming (ocean-organ, a woman-insect, a child-bee, accent, becoming-women…). This body of work is influenced by the convergence of cultural studies, art, philosophy, sociology, gender studies, and literature.

I especially love this piece called Dancer to Release.... 2004 which is part of her Gender series

Below is a trailer for her documentary Territories of the Breast. She shares her story of being diagnosed with breast cancer and fighting against unlawful misinformation given to her by her physicians. She weaves her artwork into this narrative. You will see breasts so the video may not be safe for work (NSFW).

foto credit: artists website photo by Ginny Dixon

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