Thursday, February 11, 2010

WTF John Mayer?

If you are not in the "loop" or if you are a White sexologist who has NO clue how to discuss what is going on with Mayer's racist, triflin, -ism ooozing comments you need to take some time to sit and read the following analysis:

Over at Like a Whisper there are several posts that analyze this hot mess. First start with:

Ode To White Men Who Think They Are Black

follow that up with the most recent article:
John Mayer Apologizes for "Trying To Be Clever."

Read my homegirl AJs piece over at Racialicious called: When Racefail Meets Playboy: The John Mayer Interview.

Then check out John Mayer: A Black Woman's Response: A letter to the singer & his "white supremacist" penis

I'd also like to remind people that Playboy is the same space that when interviewing rapper Lil Wayne who shared his history of sexual abuse and rape which writers described as "how he's been a playa since his childhood days playing board game."

As more analysis appears I'll add to this list.

Operation Ignore John Mayer is in effect see more below

Added on February 15 from my homegirl (PC I didn't ask how to quote you but it's YOU) via twitter is Margaret Cho's response Mayer.

foto credit: Thumbs Down Picasso Painting by Yvonne Ayoub

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