Friday, February 12, 2010

Under $5 Valentine's Day

Are you broke like me? Do you only have about $5 in your budget to pay for something sweet, special, and lovely for a lover/friend/partner/etc.? Here's my top suggestions to use those dollars and help them stretch! I'm totally assuming people have 1. access to the internet (i.e. if you are reading this you probably do), 2. $5 to spend, 3. a desire to celebrate this day, 4. own certain items (stereo, stove, pots, pans, scissors), 5. people may have electricity. I recognize that this may not be what many people have/own/can access. And the last 2 suggestions, my favorite, are for you.

1. Make a Mix Tape
Yeah I said mix TAPE (if you were born AFTER 1990 this makes limited sense to you so make a mix CD). What better way to be all "I really thought of you so much to take the time to make this tape"? Yeah. I thought so. You can still buy cassette tapes for pretty cheap. This of course won't work if you don't have equipment to play cassettes (although if you are like me, frugal, you DO because you still have the first and only stereo your padres gave you for your sweet 16).

2. Make Breakfast
Eggs, toast, and one potato (at least in NYC) is under $5 including tax. Breakfast is my specialty...and pick up line. I'd make scrambled eggs (a dozen for $1.75 in NYC) and make some toast or biscuits ($1 for jiffy mix and you need to add a egg I think), and the potato I'd slice it and fry them or mash them up and bake them.

3. Make A Card
I love me some glue and a magazine and some scissors! People often enjoy things that you create for them. It's more personal. Take your scissors (or a knife or exacto knife) and cut out images, words, phrases that you think reminds you of your boo. Put them together on a recycled piece of paper or some cardboard (or really anything you want). If you don't want to spend money on a magazine, go fish around in the mail for catalogs, the newspaper for ads or the funnies.

4. Compile Emails And Make Into Scrapbook/Journal/Book
If you and your boo sent lovely/erotic emails or IMs to one another compile them and put them in a book. This can be as fancy or simple as you like. If you want to spend money on the fun/colored paper that is fun go for it.

5. Make Your Own Lube
Here's a video that will help you see how easy it will be to make your own lube, that you can also use as a massage oil. Decorate the bottle/jar as suggested in #3. If you can, try to ignore that she only used White people in her images.

6. Give A Good Meaningful Bellybutton to Bellybutton Hug
No arms between the chest, no handshake as we hug, but a full on bellybutton to bellybutton hug. We all need affection and touch and often we do not get what we need because sometimes we don't know how to ask for it. Sometimes we got to give what people don't ask for but that many of us do need to experience.

7. Give A Compliment

This can be in multiple forms. It doesn't have to be on this specific day either. As long as it is something that you believe and is honest. People love to hear compliments even if they are obscure, esoteric, and about things we rarely notice.

8. Gift Something You Own That A Person Admired
I enjoy doing this from time to time because it helps with the de-cluttering of my life and space. My mom is a hoarder so I often worry that it will rub off on me. Recent things I've gifted include: books, movies, pens, pins, make up, clothes, soaps, candles, and mugs. It's good to know what you gift is going to a good home.\

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