Monday, February 15, 2010

LatiNegr@s Project: Toña la Negra

Yo soy mulata y orgullo tengo tener la sangre de negro en mis venas.

A singer from Veracruz, Mexico, Toña la Negra changed how we listen. Punto. how we LISTEN. She began singing in the 1930s and continued for decades. She was part of the "Golden Age Of Cinema" in Mexico, and one of the few darker skinned woman. Her existence at such a time in the world, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean influenced several LatiNegr@ entertainers. Her discography is not only extensive, it's stunning.

Check out a few of her songs below.
Yo soy mulata y no me importa que me critican si yo tengo bemba.

Yo soy mulata y orgullo tengo te tener piel tostada...

Y no me importa si tengo nada yo soy mulata de verdad...

"Yo Soy Mulata" Toña la Negra

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