Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sex Toy Giveaway!

As many of you know I'm a LatiNegra Sexologist. I also write and review a lot of things going on in the sexual science field from books, to popular culture, to yes sex toys! I have a ton of them in my home that are brand new and need new homes!

I'm doing the First Sex Toy Giveaway of 2010! Here's the rule:

I have 4 toys to giveaway so that means up to 4 winners! Here's what you got to do:

1. Post a comment that does the following:
A. Identify a LatiNegr@ that has NOT been featured yet for the LatiNegr@s Project on this site or any others (i.e. Like A Whisper y Inside My Head y Chronicles Of The American Pupusa).

B. Share some information about the LatiNegr@ you have selected (if available websites, videos, fotos, etc.)

C. Submit by February 28, 2010 at MIDNIGHT to be eligible!

D. Make sure there is some way for me to contact you (i.e. link to your virtual home, leaving your email etc.)

E. Agree to have your contribution posted on the LatiNegr@s Tumblr Page (either by myself or you).


  1. I want in on this! Here is another LatiNegr@ coming to you live from Brazil: Maria Ines Barbosa, Program coordinator for the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)'s. She works to incorporate gender, race and ethnic equality dimensions in programs for poverty eradication.

  2. My contribution today is with this afro-descendets activist who work in diferents southamerican's countries.

    monica carrillo (afro-peruvian activist, founder director of lumba)

    Leonardo reales (afro-colombian activist, art performance and educator)

    sergia galvan (afro-dominican activist)

  3. ok,i don't know if this counts, b/c zetta elliott's is a 1/2 black, 1/2 white canadian...but her main character in the young adult novel "a wish after midnight" is described by the author as an "afro latina" in brooklyn who travels through time!!!

  4. Maria Elena Moyano Delgado of Afro-Peruvian descent was an activist since her teens and then a commmunity organizer during Peru's most violent period (early 90s).

    At 24 yo, she was elected president of the Federación Popular de Mujeres de Villa El Salvador. This group encompassed health and education committees, the Vaso de Leche program (supplying children with milk), public kitchens, and some income-generating projects. She left this group in 1990 to become deputy mayor of Villa El Salvador.

    Two years later, after publicly speaking out against the terrorist organization Shining Path (which was murdering women leaders of grassroot organizations they feared could lead to reform in the country), she was machine-gunned down by this group during a fundraising rally, and her corpse blown up with dynamite in front of her 2 children and other onlookers.

    The outcry and condemnation after Moyano's death was so vast, the leader of Shining Path was finally arrested and imprisoned, and the terrorist group disbanded.