Friday, October 3, 2014

Lesson 19: Lessons Learned as a LatiNegra Sexologist


Movement is important, don't forget to move!

Life Lesson:

Folks will be encouraging you to move to lose weight for the entirety of your life. When you realize you enjoy moving, dancing, and the like, you do it for yourself. When you divest in weight loss you enjoy movement. When you realize how much you move when you teach and present, you realize the importance of moving each day.

During summer and winter breaks from teaching that go up to 2-4 weeks, your body forgets how important it is to move. When you begin to move on a regular basis you will not be as tired and in pain in an achy way when classes are back in session. Your back injury will begin to heal more solidly.

Moving when you are not teaching makes you feel powerful too. When you decide to begin going to the gym for your own self-care, you will find new strength in your body. You are stronger, physically, than you ever imagined. Sometimes you don't get to the gym, and that's ok. As long as you have the discipline to continue to go on a regular basis.

You hate the gym, you dislike all that goes into getting ready to and being at the gym. But you like the end result: increased energy, continuous movement, not feeling achy throughout the day, feeling strong, being stronger, reminding yourself you are powerful.

It's an added bonus when the dudes who go around flexing in the gym do a double take on what you are lifting. It's also a nice reminder you are strong in more ways than you know. It feels good to take care of yourself on your own terms. This is your choice and you get to do what you want to feel good in your body.

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