Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lesson 20: Lessons Learned as a LatiNegra Sexologist


Keep what you do as accessible as possible!

Life Lesson:

People learn in so many different ways! You know this as one of those people who excelled with educators who understood this and embraced it in the classroom setting. It's one of the ways you build your workshops, curricula, and trainings.

Sometimes folks are so deeply rooted in their own ableism they do not recognize how to make things accessible, they do not see how they are creating barriers. Even those of us with various sorts of disabilities maintain some level of ableism. We all have to actively work to challenge that and it's an on-going experience and endeavor.

If this means asking for an organization or school to provide ASL during your workshop, be ready to provide suggestions for local ASL interpreters. If you provide handouts, make sure the language is accessible, the font large enough, and offer it as an email attachment for folks who need or use audio support. Be mindful of how quickly you may be speaking, make eye contact with folks who ask direct questions, and be open to folks suggestions.

You lose nothing by making your work more accessible to more people. It means your reach expands and impacts a population of people who are often ignored in the sexology field. Opening yourself to learning ways to reach more folks, build new networks and connections, and support those who are already doing the work, is often the best direction for you to go.

Sometimes, when you don't have time or resources to make something more accessible, it is ok to mention that before beginning. It is ok to recognize publicly that you are not able, at this time, to create what you would like to because of certain restraints and restrictions. Oftentimes folks will appreciate this, sometimes it's just the honesty people respect enough to help you with what you were not able to do. Let folks help you.

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