Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lesson 27: Lessons Learned as a LatiNegra Sexologist


Try not to compare your accomplishments to others accomplishments. You complete what you need to when you need to.

Life Lesson:

In a world and at a time when folks are so invested in being published, having TED talks, making 6 figures; you have to remember these are not your goals. You don't want to publish a book, promote it, have folks critique your writing (been there done that). (Yet, let's be honest you will write a book because nobody is writing what needs to be said to save the lives of young Black girls and girls of Color in the US about sex/uality the way you can and will!) Your strengths lie in editing and critiquing.

You don't want to do a TED talk, everyone has one, but you don't need one. You got video of you doing presentations on.your.own.terms. Homies offered to video you, do the sound, and give you the product, for free because they believe in you! You don't have to follow the wack rules of some organization that gives everyone a TED talk. If you wanted one you'd have it, we all know this, so do you! You already do. Plus, you too busy making feature-length documentaries that will change the world and conversation! Nobody's TED talk has done that.

About that 6 figures.... You know, you are not a capitalist. You are a survivalist. You don't need money that is in that amount. You just want some comfort and food security. You want to be able to help your homies when they are in need. Maybe start a scholarship fund, fund the Women of Color Sexual Health Network, The LatiNegr@s Project, and help your family. Other than that, the rest is extra you don't really need. You don't mind doing the work you love for a livable wage.

So when you see folks getting published off your work, using your organizations and shine as stepping stones, it's not that you are not successful or accomplished. It's that your shine is so bright others can thrive off of it and find what they need. Now, THAT'S SOME POWERFUL STUFF. You are powerful, remember? Your accomplishments are your own and nobody can take them away!

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