Monday, October 6, 2014

Lesson 22: Lessons Learned as a LatiNegra Sexologist


Focus on pleasure.

Life Lesson:

Because we, as people of Color, as Latinx, as Black people, as LatiNegrxs we always already hear and know about negative consequences and outcomes. Sex and sexuality are not always negative things. We deserve to have an outlet and experience that affirms we experience pleasure. Each of us, no matter what our bodies look like, the color of our skin, how our genitals look, we are all capable of pleasure, and many times it's not even something our genitals need to be a part of!

You'll find a space, a much needed space, to fill when you focus on the pleasure of POC. We are already coping with our own healing and safety topics. Some of us choose to do that healing and coping by focusing on pleasure and happiness. This is amazing and we each deserve to have that decision honored and treated with respect and integrity.

One of the reasons you will be so successful is because you give yourself permission to experience pleasure, often and unapologetically. You share some of those experiences, you live them, your shine is one folks see and are drawn to and curious. This reminds folks of their deserving of pleasure. If you've been able to find it during times of ultimate stress, frustration, and the like, others will find this to be useful. Others may have questions. At the end of the day, everyone seeks pleasure in some way that fits into their lives.

The organizations and positions you hold that center pleasure will be ones you thrive in. You will stay with those spaces because your shine will be so unbeatable you will feel and be cherished. You won't feel disposable because those spaces share so many of the same values you do, especially for the most oppressed folks in our communities. This is where you belong, doing that work!

Focus on the pleasure and your pleasure will intensify.

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